Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mahindra Navistar initiates – Out Performance League

Mahindra Navistar recently started its first on ground forum to meet the fleet owners and other important members of the truck industry. The main motto of Mahindra Navistar – Out Performance league is to connect with the members of trucking industry and resolve the issues that the industry is facing at this moment.

Lately, Out Performance League forum was conducted in Ahmedabad, Gujarat where Mahindra Navistar and important members of the trucking industry discussed the various key points which are necessary for the improvement of trucking industry in our country.

Nearly 60 top transporters attended the event at the Marriott in Ahmedabad.

So what does “Out Performance League” mean? 

The Out Performance League is an open discussion forum which targets all the members of the trucking industry which includes fleet owners, investors, suppliers and also truck drivers. The modest perception of the league is to discuss the problems prevailing in the trucking industry in our country and debate on solutions and resolutions to raise the bar of the industry.

What is being discussed?
  • New Trends in the Trucking Industry: New trends and developments are conversed for positive development of the industry. Suppliers and fleet owners discuss new methods & their implementations for advancement of the commerce.
  • Expert Advice: Experts from the trucking industry with valuable trucking experience share their knowledge with the forum to resolve issues and problems faced by fleet owners & truck drivers. Moreover, glitches are identified & discussed to avoid future problems. 
Mahindra Navistar has introduced first of its kind forum to set a benchmark in the Indian trucking industry.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shortage of truck drivers upsetting the trucking business

Truck Drivers are vital units in logistics and transport which support the trade. They surely are the well-known strength and power of the logistics business. The Indian logistics in the past had a large quantity of truck drivers, but the condition is set to change radically as the industry is facing an unmatched scarcity of truck drivers. This is possible to turn into an increasing difficulty that will damage the growth of Indian Trucking industry. 

The foremost reason for this problem to happen is also the occupational hazard that goes along with trucking. Truck drivers ply around 300 kms per day on bad conditioned roads, joggling along these wobbly roads, the unfortunate drivers travel 24-25 days in a month, supplemented by a sole ‘helper’ and accommodated in a rough, overheated driving compartment.  Also, due to the unorganized nature of the logistics industry in India, attached with improper anticipation, now the trouble is set to undertake severe extents.

Truck drivers are also bothered about their own protection as security on the nation’s highways is conspicuous by its absenteeism. Highway patrolling and a help-desk are alternatives that have been skeptically overlooked.
The growth of the Indian Logistics industry in every sense depends on the trucker drivers. With most merchandises being transported by road, a scarcity of truckers could terminate the expectations and visions of the Indian commerce. Both the government and industry administration must identify this necessity and immediately upgrade the working atmosphere of its drivers to give the industry that much-anticipated push to swing ahead.

While the Western Nations are at present facing the unavailability of truck drivers, the Indian trucking industry also finds itself ogling at a difficulty which can be dodged with good resourcefulness.

Mahindra Navistar has taken the initiative to train and develop new truck drivers to aid this problem in the industry. Furthermore, the discussion forum - “Outperformer’s League” from Mahindra Navistar is evaluating this problem along with important members of the Indian Logistics Industry.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mahindra Navistar – Trained to Outperform

Truck driving is tremendously risky occupation, consequently it essential that to perceive safe driving on the roads. Truck drivers are the most noteworthy part of this country’s transportation industry. Due to all the structural problems they face, they turn to reckless driving and this in turn leads to unfortunate mishaps. It is really compulsory to train the truck drivers to drive safely and carefully to avoid any misfortunes on the road.

Mahindra Navistar initiated its unique ‘driver training’ advantage in its attempt to support and encourage the transport industry. This distinctive initiative addressed the shortage of trained drivers that the truck industry is facing at present.

Some of the highlights of the training program: 
  • Medical Examination & Health awareness thoughts to educate the truck drivers. 
  • Vehicle familiarization and Troubleshooting Training. 
  • Training on Safe Driving practices. 
  • Petroleum conservation Training on economic driving including road test and star rating. 
  • Mahindra Navistar also provided each driver with One Year Accident Insurance of Rs.1 Lakh to ensure safety and well-being of the truck drivers and their families.
Mahindra Navistar believes in making everybody feel like an important part of the family – From grass root levels to top financers. Various initiatives are carried out to spread awareness and improve the trucking industry.