Monday, June 24, 2013


The Outperformer’s League meet conducted by Mahindra Trucks and Buses took place in the “Cement City” of the country, Nimbahera on the 17th of June 21, 2013. The event was held in Hotel Royal Paras Nimbahera, Rajasthan. Nimbahera is a city and municipality in Chittorgarh district in Rajasthan and is known for the limestone found in this region which is used in building material and raw material in cement manufacturing, making it a suitable destination for cement industries. Some of the major Cement plants are in the city of Nimbahera like J.K Cement, Nimbahera, J.K Cement Mangrol-1, J.K Cement Mangrol-2, Wonder Cement and Lafarge Cement etc to name a few.

This event was attended by 65 customer participants from 41 unique entities along with 2 Financiers. The event was welcomed and opened by Mr. Abhishek followed by Mr. Satya, OPL, Extended Warranties and Schemes. It was then followed by the Lamp Lighting Ceremony. People from the MNAL family who had graced the occasion with their presence were Mr. Satyanarayanan, ZM-North, and Mr. Abhishek Sharma, ABM Sales, and Mr. Rajendra Singh, HCV Sales. Other participants included Mr. Vikas Shrimali, Mr. Nitesh and Mr. Umrao along with a few others from the local dealership.

Various eminent people addressed different topics, the most important being ‘Best Practices and Future of Cement Transportation’ by Mr. Sushil Cherian, Anantara. He spoke about the important and crucial role of logistics in the Cement Supply Chain and suggested a preferred transportation model which would be a suitable option to the railways. Through the course of the presentation he also spoke about choosing the right vehicle which would add overall value. Another presentation was given by Mr. Pradip Varaiya, Tyre Expert on ‘Extend Tyre Life and Increase Your Profits.’

The end of the event was marked by a Vote of Thanks followed by dinner.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MTRUST – Mahindra’s New Venture into Pre-owned vehicles

The currently Used Vehicle market size is approximately 25,000 crores per annum which is dominated and controlled by brokers, who in most cases, do not offer value addition like refurbished vehicles and warranty to customers. With strict pollution norms and overload restrictions, the product life cycle is expected to come down resulting in more vehicles in the Used Vehicles market. In addition, with frequent price increases, the vehicles will become out of reach for a big chunk of customers who are ready buyers for these vehicles.

A very good advantage would be of buying it from a Mahindra Associate which would give confidence and assurance to the buyer about the vehicle. The after sales support would be enhanced and benefits like free service and warranty would be given. Other advantages of buying MTB vehicles would be factors like trust of dealing with a reputed company, transparent dealing, quality of service, peace of mind like hassle free paper work, and value for money, availability of refinance etc. These are tailor made to suit the needs of our customers and to provide quality service at all times.

Keeping the current scenario in mind, we at Mahindra Trucks and Buses intend to start Used Vehicles dealerships in different identified locations pan India. Our major customers are those of Commercial Vehicles followed by dealers and financiers. The dealerships will offer exchange and buy back facility to the potential customers in lieu of new Mahindra Trucks and Buses vehicles thereby promoting new vehicles sale.

At Mahindra Trucks and Buses, the vehicles so bought will be thoroughly checked, refurbished and sold to the Used Vehicles customers again. Selling these pre-owned CV’s will offer technologically advanced rung of vehicles to second rung of customers who otherwise cannot afford new vehicles and help improve resale value of a vehicle. The vehicles would be sourced through the open market, the internet, through exchange and buy back.

The basic agenda behind this initiative is to create awareness among the potential buyers about the benefits like buying Used Vehicles from the dealerships. This initiative will also create opportunity for buying Mahindra Trucks and Buses vehicles in exchange of pre-owned Mahindra vehicles.