Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Truckers experience Fatigue & Driving Issues

The joint Transport Workers Union (TWU)/NRMA BusinessWise undertook a survey of over 320 truck drivers.
The major concern that was discovered from the survey was that almost 40 per cent of the drivers showed their distress on dangerous driving practice of fellow motorists.
Other problems that were listed were overtaking troubles and Fatigue.

The study indicated that over two thirds of commercial vehicle drivers had to carry on with their activities in spite of being tired.
Moreover, the rest stops are poor in condition and not available that frequently on the highway.

Nearly 70 per cent of the truck drivers want more education for the trucking community to work together & practice safe driving on the National Highways. They ponder that the highways are poor for transport of heavy vehicles, with almost two-thirds want the governments to commit to widening roads.

The NRMA Businesswise & TWU survey of heavy vehicle drivers also found: 
  • 90 per cent believe overcrowding has affected their ability to deliver goods on time. 
  • 85 per cent want more bypasses to divert heavy vehicles away from major towns. 
  • 76 per cent believe freight has increased over the last 12 months.
  • 68 per cent would support real time traffic information screens set up to provide more information on traffic congestion.
  • 33 per cent wanted new rest areas built close to town centers and service stations. 
The government is looking up on all the major concerns to rectify them to smooth the flow of trucking industry in the country. Many major projects are undertaken to benefit truck drivers and help them transport goods at an efficient rate.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mahindra Trucking – Drive safe this monsoon

The number of automobiles is increasing rapidly. As a result, Indian drivers are stressed to drive safe particularly during the monsoon season.
The rainy season adds to their motoring difficulties. So it is necessary to observe all the safety precautions while driving to ensure a safe ride on the road.

The major concern is driving on the highway. The wet asphalt makes it difficult for loaded trucks to travel on the highway. Truck drivers should follow highways rules & regulations along with practicing safe driving. 

Here are some tips & pointers which will help you to ride safe on the highway.
  • Wipers and Headlights – Use the wipers, headlights & taillights even in day time as it helps other drivers on the highway to notice you.
  • Maintain proper distance with fellow drivers on the highway to avoid collision. Drive stable and maintain the slow speed to prevent any mishaps on the road. 
  • Drive slowly through water clogged areas.  Evade driving on full throttle to avoid water to enter the engine cylinders. 
  • If the truck engine is wrecked while in the water, avoid the push-start procedure as it will lead to damages to the engine. Consult a mechanic or a professional technician to prevent further damages to the truck. 
  • Driving a truck or any other commercial vehicle in monsoon requires calm handling. Be light on the steering and the accelerator. Sudden movements and rough turns can disturb a truck enough to skid due to the wet asphalt.

It is always a hassle to transfer goods in the monsoon. Trucking companies are surely paying necessary attention towards making their trucks safe to avoid any misfortunes. 
But it is also essential for the driver to follow all the rules and take proper care of the truck.

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