Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Mahindra FURIO – Get More Profit or Give The Truck Back*

The recently launched Mahindra FURIO range of trucks has been revolutionizing the trucking business in India. FURIO is Mahindra’s latest offering in the Intermediate Commercial Vehicle (ICV) segment. The FURIO ICV truck performs as good as it looks and that is why it has been creating waves in the market since launch.

Whichever way you look at it the Mahindra FURIO packs quite a strong punch on every parameter – be it the FURIO’s stylish design that has been perfected at Mahindra’s design centre at Pininfarina Italy, or the assurance of unmatched performance and features, backed by Mahindra’s unique package of 5 promises - an industry-first.

All of which ensures that your purchase of a Mahindra FURIO truck is a completely risk-free ownership decision to grow your business and profits to greater heights.


Powerful Performance: More Profits Guaranteed

The FURIO is fitted with Mahindra’s powerful and efficient 3.5 litre mDi Tech BS6 engine that gives you higher power and higher fuel efficiency whatever be the load. It is capable of smoothly transporting a wide range of goods from construction material to white goods, milk, fruits and vegetables, industrial components, to parcels and logistics material; all the while keeping your business booming and profits rising.


Class-leading Fuel-Efficiency: More Profits Guaranteed

The operational efficiency and performance of Mahindra FURIO’s powerful 3.5 litre mDi Tech BS6 engine is enhanced with Mahindra’s patented FuelSmart technology which places a choice of modes at your fingertips – Heavy and Light. All that you need to do is to switch the mode as per the payload and road conditions, to get optimal power and best-in-class fuel-economy. That is a sure shot way to register higher profits and more growth for your business.


State-of-the-art Cabin: Better Comfort, Safety and Convenience Guaranteed

Mahindra FURIO redefines driving comfort with its ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art cabin. The cabin in the FURIO gets 8 air vents – an industry-first, for maximum air circulation and best ventilation. Driver comfort has been further optimized with a 3-way adjustable seating for the best driving posture and unmatched ride comfort. The dashboard on the FURIO is equipped with advanced features for the driver’s convenience such as the Real- time Driver Information System (DIS) that keeps the driver updated on the truck’s vitals at all times.

The 10-bar air brake system ensures enhanced braking performance while the I-section and tubular-type chassis built with high-strength low-alloy (HSLA 550) material provides greater vehicle stability to the FURIO.

With such a best-in-class cabin design, uncompromising driver comfort, convenience and safety in the FURIO is a given - translating into more trips and you guessed it, greater profits.


5 YEARS/Unlimited km Free AMC and 5 YEARS/5 Lakh km Transferable Warranty: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

To complement the top-notch guarantees that you get with the Mahindra FURIO and to offer you a complete risk-free ownership experience, there is also a promise of reduced maintenance cost thanks to the 5 YEARS/Unlimited km Free AMC. And the 5 YEARS/5 Lakh km Transferable Warranty means that should you chose to sell, all the service warranty benefits provided with the FURIO can be availed by the next owner, making resale value of this truck a redundant topic. That is indeed guaranteed peace of mind for you.

The new-age Mahindra FURIO range of trucks is a game-changer in ICVs that is all set to deliver higher standards of performance, efficiency, comfort and convenience, guaranteeing greater earnings and profits for your business. Can you afford to risk the future of your business by not investing in the Mahindra FURIO?

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Mahindra BLAZO X - The truck you know, the truck you trust with minimum changes in BS6.

The Mahindra BLAZO X range of trucks and tippers has transformed the face of the transportation business in India, in the HCV category. These solidly-build, smartly designed, tough and adaptable machines have made a profitable impact on their owner’s business, by proving their capability and efficiency across a variety of applications, in the toughest of conditions.


Thousands of proud Mahindra BLAZO X customers across the country are already reaping the benefits of guaranteed increased productivity, thanks to the assured higher mileage, superb performance, lower maintenance and overall low operating cost of these commercial vehicles. The decision of these transporters, to upgrade their fleet and place their trust in Mahindra’s BLAZO X trucks has in turn helped them maximise return on their investment, to enjoy higher profits and faster business growth.


What makes the Mahindra BLAZO X range the best choice of HCV for you, is the shorter turnaround time thanks to the 7.2 litre mPOWER engine that churns out greater torque at low r/min, best-in- class fuel efficiency. It is backed by FuelSmart technology with multimode switches to optimise fuel consumption in different load and road conditions along with an enhanced cabin comfort for better productivity. In fact, Mahindra BLAZO X is well established as the most fuel-efficient truck in its category.


You can also keep track of your vehicles and business 24/7 with the feature-loaded Mahindra

BLAZO X because it is equipped with Mahindra’s smart iMAXX telematics technology. Mahindra iMAXX helps you to easily stay updated with key vehicle and business information, thanks to its smart tech features - Live Tracking, Accurate Refills, Predictive Vehicle Health Monitoring, Fuel Efficiency Analysis, Fuel Consumption, Theft Alerts, AdBlue Monitoring, Driver Behaviour Monitoring and a range of Automated Operation Reports.


Mahindra BLAZO X comes with the lowest Total Cost of Operation and the 6 YEARS/ 6 Lakh km/6000 hours Transferable Warranty that includes the cabin.


What’s more, in addition to its superb and efficient performance, the Mahindra BLAZO X range of trucks come with a host of unmatched industry-first service and spare guarantees – prompt service, readily available parts and of course highest mileage, promising a hassle-free ownership experience and extra advantage to their owners.


Now with the BS6 Mahindra BLAZO X being rolled out, the good news is that 90% of BS6 BLAZO X parts are common with the BS4 BLAZO X, leaving you worry-free when it comes to spare part availability and service. You also get the same BS4 oil drain intervals resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Whatever the consignment, Mahindra BLAZO X makes smooth work of transporting goods competently from source to destination. These HCVs are perfectly suited for transporting a wide range of goods - be it construction material, food grains, perishables such as milk, fruits and vegetables, edible oil, petroleum products, industrial components, barrels and engineering goods.


Go ahead, invest in the Mahindra BLAZO X range of trucks and tipper trucks, backed by guaranteed customer experience and join the growing number of transporters across the country that have been richly rewarded for their wise decision. Then sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your business potential and profits increase by leaps and bounds.


The versatile BS6 Mahindra BLAZO X range gives you a choice of models across Multi Axle Rigid Trucks, Tractor Trailers and Tippers, to suit your business requirement.


Multi Axle Rigid Trucks:

Mahindra BLAZO X 28 ton, Mahindra BLAZO X 35 ton Lift Axle, Mahindra BLAZO X 42 ton Pusher Axle, Mahindra BLAZO X 42 ton Tag Axle, Mahindra BLAZO X 49 ton


Tractor Trailers:

Mahindra BLAZO X 40 ton, Mahindra BLAZO X 46 ton, Mahindra BLAZO X 55 ton



Mahindra BLAZO X 28 ton tipper, Mahindra BLAZO X 28 ton Transit Mixer, Mahindra BLAZO X 35 ton 8x4 tipper

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Mahindra JAYO – Your Ultimate Intra-City Delivery Truck

There’s some good news for small and medium-sized business owners. If you are looking for the perfect city truck that can improve your business profitability, check out the all-new Mahindra JAYO. The DI3200 JAYO is a smart, efficient and reliable partner to meet your intra-city transportation needs. It also packs quite a punch in terms of delivering more than your expectations on every parameter.
The Mahindra JAYO intracity delivery truck has been built to make its presence in this market. And its compact dimensions are best suited for reaching those cramped areas and narrow city lanes. Sporting a bold new styling, the JAYO is sure to impress you at first sight. The striking looks of the enhanced front fascia grill and bumper are complemented with clear lens headlamps for improved illumination that will make night driving a breeze. Take a look inside and you will notice stylish new dual-tone seats for a pleasing in-cabin appearance.
Power steering with tilt and telescopic function ensures a greater level of driving comfort to maneuver chaotic bumper-to-bumper city traffic effortlessly with reduced driver fatigue. So that you can get more trips from the Mahindra JAYO to maximize your earning potential. Driver comfort in THIS ergonomically designed cabin of the JAYO is further optimized with the two-way adjustable seat and more legroom. Other thoughtful features include sliding windows for better ventilation, bottle holder, and a mobile charging point to ensure you are connected on the go.
What really sets the Mahindra JAYO apart from other LCVs and gives an operational advantage for your business, is its unmatched fuel efficiency that too Guaranteed. Equipped with Mahindra’s latest FuelSmart technology, you can select between greater power and superior mileage to suit your driving need, just at the convenient flick of the FuelSmart Switches. Mahindra JAYO’s class-leading fuel-economy along with a higher payload capacity and best-in-class loading span helps you to register higher profits and more growth for your business. It is also available with a factory-fitted High Side Deck body should you choose to opt for it.
Whatever your business requirement, whether to pick up and deliver fresh market produce, consumer durables or parcels and courier, the all-new Mahindra DI3200 JAYO is an ideal choice for a commercial city delivery truck – DO MORE, BE MORE.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Introducing BLAZO X 49 – with 6-Axle Configuration and Higher Payload Capacity

Every transporter and fleet owner is constantly looking to increase business growth potential by optimum utilization of trucks and maximizing return on their fleet investment to enjoy greater profits.
Since launch, Mahindra’s BLAZO X range of HCV trucks have already given a boost to many fleet owners’ business, thanks to their proven track record of class-leading efficiency, performance and industry-first service guarantees, giving an extra edge to owners. Be it the lowest maintenance cost, lowest lubricant prices, lowest in-class oil drain intervals or the 6 years / 6 lakh km transferable warranty, the BLAZO X range has continuously raised the bar to deliver more value for a hassle-free ownership experience.
Now welcome the Mahindra BLAZO X 49 HCV – a 16-tyre truck with 2 lift axle and 3 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) options; the latest addition to the BLAZO X range. Equipped with an incremental 1.5 tonnes payload capacity over the industry-standard 5 axle configuration, BLAZO X 49 is engineered to be fully compliant with the new higher axle load norms in the higher tonnage HCV segment.
The BLAZO X 49 is fitted with self-steering lift axles for improved, longer-running tyre life and better turning circle diameter for greater ease of manoeuvring, particularly in overcoming challenging driving situations like tight corners and tricky turns. 
In terms of mileage, notwithstanding a higher payload, Mahindra BLAZO X 49 offers best-in-class fuel efficiency, the perfect solution to rising diesel costs.
The unmatched mileage advantage delivered by every single BLAZO X 49 truck is credited to Mahindra’s FuelSmart technology. At the convenient flick of a switch, you can choose between Heavy, Light and Turbo modes to match the load and driving conditions. For a full load select Heavy mode. When there is no load, simply turn on Light mode for optimal fuel efficiency. Turbo mode is best suited for transporting large loads over steep inclines. FuelSmart provides a smart way to earn higher profits and give your business a great competitive advantage.       
Whatever the consignment, BLAZO X 49 makes smooth work of transporting goods competently from source to destination. It is suitable for transporting a wide range of goods such as milk and chemical tankers, cement, steel, coal, industrial components, fruits and vegetables.
And that’s not all. With the BLAZO X 49, you get to enjoy a set of unbeatable guarantees – prompt service, readily available parts and of course highest mileage. All guaranteeing a long-running smooth experience!  
The BLAZO X 49 is a winning combination of the advantages of BLAZO X series, with a higher payload capacity, so you get more out of every trip and overall better cost of ownership. All in all, the Mahindra BLAZO X 49 will be the heavyweight addition to your fleet that answers all your concerns of better mileage and extra payload capacity. Get set to transform your business and outperform consistently with the new Mahindra BLAZO X 49!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan and Nanhi Kali join hands for the daughters of truck drivers.

Among the many ways in which we make a difference to the transport industry, the welfare of truck drivers is one of our biggest causes. We instituted the Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan programme in 2014 to provide the daughters of the truck drivers with scholarships so that they pursue their education beyond 10th standard and make a respectable life and career for themselves. Through this programme, a scholarship of Rs. 10,000 was awarded to each truck driver’s daughter who completed 10th standard and showed a strong interest in pursuing further educational or vocational courses. Till last year, we awarded scholarships to 4408 deserving girls in more than 55 locations across the country.

For over two decades, Project Nanhi Kali has taken more than 350,000 girls from underprivileged families through ten years of schooling, providing them with regular academic and material support. While doing this, they also ensured that the young girls were not married off early, sent to work or kept at home for chores or sibling care. Year after year, hundreds of Nanhi Kalis successfully completed Class 10 and ‘graduated’ from the programme. 

However, our interactions with Nanhi Kali alumni indicate that the girls continued to be vulnerable after Class 10, and there was a need to support teenage girls in India beyond secondary education.
Moreover, with a tenth of the global population of adolescent girls, India is home to the largest and youngest workforce in the world today. This critical fact inspired us to invest in them, and in their well-being, education and providing them skills. Not just to make a big difference to them but also to tap into their productivity, economic potential and leadership for the well-being of the nation.
In order to design a programme that meets the needs of young girls, we conducted a survey - the Teen Age Girls Survey (TAG Survey) that reached over 74,000 households across 600 districts in all the 30 states of India. This survey, which was released in October 2018, echoed the voice of teenage girls in India and their biggest needs and aspirations …
  • 86.9% want to learn English
  • 86.5% want to learn how to use a Computer
  • 76.5% wish to pursue Graduation

With this information, we joined hands with Nanhi Kali to make Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan even more robust and effective. And now, this 2.0 version will provide teenage girls the opportunity to pursue their dreams of higher education and obtain a university degree along with learning English and Computers. So they can go on to lead independent, dignified lives and contribute to the nation’s growth. Our new programme will start by adopting 500 daughters of Commercial Vehicle Drivers in Hyderabad and Pune and we’re sure it will go from strength to strength.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

BS-VI Ready Mahindra CRUZIO – Experience A New Dimension of Luxury

Comfort for you and your Business

The newly launched Mahindra CRUZIO premium passenger bus is a perfect package of performance, comfort, style and efficiency that is designed to exceed expectations of fleet owners, drivers and your passengers on every parameter.

Experience Unmatched Ride Comfort
It’s time to bid goodbye to bumpy bus rides! With CRUZIO, bus journeys are set to get supremely comfortable and luxurious.The parabolic suspension ensures better handling and shock absorption even on bad roads to deliver unmatched ride comfort.
Ergonomically designed contoured seats provide full back support thereby reducing driver fatigue and passenger discomfort especially on long routes. The spacious interior of the Mahindra CRUZIO is fitted with thoughtfully designed seats with maximum seat width, so passengers can sit back comfortably without rubbing shoulders with fellow passengers.
Low noise and vibration levels results in a quieter cabin, providing much needed calm and a peaceful ride during daily work commutes. 

Experience Operational Comfort Along With Greater Profits
Built on the latest Intermediate Commercial Vehicles (ICV) platform, CRUZIO is a Long Platform Overhang (LPO) bus– a segment of passenger buses that is becoming more and more popular as it offers an enhanced travel and ownership experience. 
Being an LPO enables the bus to have an optimum front overhang and this extra front length is useful in protecting the nose from taking a hit on pothole-ridden rough roads. Another advantage of being an LPO is optimum space utilisation. In the CRUZIO, the door is at the front overhang portion and not on the wheelbase. This allows the full uninterrupted length of the bus to be used for accommodating seats. Therefore, the Mahindra CRUZIO has higher seating capacity and can carry more passengers per trip compared to conventional buses.
The CRUZIO is a BS-VI ready vehicle so it is fully equipped to meet the new emission norms that are expected to come into place from April 2020. This means increased roadworthiness and longer fleet life resulting in greater return on your investment.
Mahindra’s FuelSmart technology provides class-leading fuel-economy to register higher profits and more growth for your business. Higher clutch diameter helps increase the life span of the clutch, while the large wide modern front fascia of the CRUZIO is very easy to clean and repair.
All put together it translates into reduced maintenance costs and increased operational efficiency when you own the Mahindra CRUZIO. So you can sit back and enjoy the profits with total peace of mind.

Experience Uncompromising Safety Features
When it comes to safety, Mahindra CRUZIO ups the bar with significant latest technology features such as driver-controlled door and the bus not moving until the door is closed, thereby helping to reduce the chances of an accident.
Another thoughtful safety feature in the CRUZIO is the height of the first step being optimised for easy access during entry and exit.
Tubeless tyres, driver voice alert, reversing camera, tyre pressure measuring system and improved day and night visibility for the driver due to a large wide windscreen, rearview mirrors, projector headlamps and fog lamps help make every journey in the Mahindra CRUZIO uncompromising on safety and comfort.
From the safety point of view, the Mahindra CRUZIO conforms to Rollover Test norms as per AIS 031 and the BUS Body code as per AIS 052 along with the latest AIS 153 requirements in terms of noise and vibration standards.

Experience A New Level of Driving Comfort
Driver comfort in the Mahindra CRUZIO has been greatly enhanced and optimised with a spacious, airy and well-lit front compartment. The ergonomic design of the driver cockpit provides a very comfortable and convenient work area with good seating position, ease of access to all controls and best frontal, side and rearview.  
Another added driver comfort is the clutch booster so that operating the clutch requires considerably less effort, making driving a truly comfortable and pleasant experience.
When it comes to driving performance, the CRUZIO gets Mahindra’s proven CRDe engine which enables it to generate greater power of 140 hp @ 2400 rpm with a torque of 525 Nm @1250-1800 rpm for better pickup.

With the new-age Mahindra CRUZIO it is time to give your bus fleet, business and profits a premium new makeover as it definitely ‘makes every journey luxurious’. Investing in the Mahindra CRUZIO today will prove to be a wise and profitable business decision for the long-term.
The CRUZIO Bus was unveiled at the Prestigious Prawaas 2019 Expo held at CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Navi Mumbai on July 25, 2019. The bus was unveiled by Mr. Anurag Dubey, VP-Sales & Customer Care and Mr. Rajeev Malik, Vice President–Marketing, Mahindra Truck and Bus Division.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajan Wadhera, President, Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “The unveiling of the new CRUZIO bus range marks a defining moment for our Truck and Bus business as we have taken our ICV bus platform to the next level of customer experience. Being BS-VI ready, the CRUZIO is all set to be a game-changer and is one of the safest, most ergonomic and comfortable buses that will set new standards in the market. Going forward, we will also launch the school and stage bus variants to further increase our portfolio.”
Mr. Vinod Sahay, CEO, Mahindra Truck and Bus and Construction Equipment Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., added, “The CRUZIO demonstrates Mahindra’s ability to bring the best to Indian customers, and was developed on the basis of meticulously gathered consumer insights. Bus operators in this segment are clearly looking for a solution that can balance end-user benefits, as well as helping them optimize costs. I am confident that similar to the BLAZO X HCV & FURIO ICV range, the CRUZIO LPO Bus range will also set new benchmarks for performance, earnings and deliver better value to our customers.”
Read more about the unveil -

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Come Home Papa – A Unique Road Safety Initiative

What is your idea of a normal working day?

For most people, going to work probably means about an hour’s commute every morning to get to the comfortable and safe confines of an air-conditioned office, followed by another hour in the evening to get home.

For a trucker, going to work takes on an entirely different meaning. He is away from his home and family for days, maneuvering massive and heavy, cargo-laden trucks, driving along roads and highways across the length and breadth of the country, in all kinds of challenging and dangerous situations. With this, he not only is earning for his family and himself but also catering to our daily needs, starting with morning tea to the goodnight coil. Being a truck driver demands an altogether different level of skill and mental toughness.

To put the situation further in perspective – India has the highest number of road fatalities in the world. It accounts for more than one-third of global road accident deaths (as per global estimated figures).  

With road safety being the biggest concern, imagine the constant anxiety of the families of these truckers who do not get to see or even speak to their husbands, sons, fathers for days on end.  

This is where Mahindra Truck and Bus has been attempting to bring about a positive change in the lives of India’s truck driver community and their families through various programs and initiatives such as Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan (Visit our website here - https://www.mahindratruckandbus.com/aboutus/our-initiatives.aspx)

Come Home Papa is one such initiative that is part of Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan, a program that aims to continuously engage with India’s trucking community and their families, through inclusive ideas like scholarships for the daughters of truck drivers.

In 2017, the Come Home Papa initiative was announced in collaboration with literary partner #TellMeYourStory, as a short story contest for the scholarship-winning girls. The theme was ‘Road Safety’. What emerged were exceptionally inspiring and poignant stories that brought alive just what road safety means to a truck driver’s daughter. The stories also spoke of the father-daughter bond and underlined girl child empowerment. 
A collection of the shortlisted stories has been published and launched as a book titled ‘Come Home Papa’.

Here are excerpts from two stories in the book. Stories that present a heartfelt personal account of the deep-seated fears and emotions of the daughters of truck drivers;

‘My father plans his travel in advance, based on the area he will be driving through. This way he can pass through forest areas during the daytime, minimising chances of road robbery, or attacks by wild animals, or getting stuck in a lonely deserted area in case of a breakdown... unpredictable dangers lurk in the lives of truck drivers. Father often shares experiences from his life and the lives of his driver friends. They sometimes send a chill down my spine.’
- ‘Lessons of the Road’ by Maganti Lavanya

‘If my father doesn’t come back home in time, my mother’s face goes pale while waiting for him. Many times we are unable to contact him as he would be driving in remote areas with bad network. We spend sleepless nights waiting for him and when he returns we heave a sigh of relief.’

-   ‘My Papa’ by Bersha Kumari

From the Government to corporate India to the film industry, this one-of-a-kind initiative has received widespread and noteworthy appreciation. Take a look at what these well-known personalities have to say about Come Home Papa:

‘To have the daughters of truck drivers contribute stories and anecdotes, which carry the message of road safety was an excellent idea and deserves full support. In addition to road safety, it deftly weaves the issues of education of the girl child and women’s empowerment into it, as well.’

 -   Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport, Highways, Shipping, Water Resources and Ganga Rejuvenation

‘This is a very imaginative and valuable initiative... the first-ever book of stories on road safety by daughters of truck drivers.... A wonderful testimony to the fears and hopes, the joys and sorrows, and above all, the deep connection between these girls and their fathers.’

-   Anand Mahindra, Chairman – Mahindra Group

My prayers and best wishes for more and more daughters of the truck driver’s community to make their dream a reality and leave a stamp of class and courage, by forging ahead against all odds.

-  Amitabh Bachchan, Actor

To an initiative with such an endearing title and such a beautiful cause, here’s wishing those strong daughters who are making a bright future against all odds, and here’s to their immense love for their fathers! Kudos to the father-daughter spirit!  And here’s to wishing the lovely daughters all the very best for their endeavors. And to their papas – just to say.. come home safely to your daughters.

-   Divya Dutta, Actor

The vision and impact of Come Home Papa is so much more than just a collection of stories. Come Home Papa is spreading a strong message about road safety, not only to the truck drivers but also to other drivers out there, through the voice of the daughters of the truck driver community. Drive safe and come home safe to your families.