Thursday, July 17, 2014

When Raipur Outperformed!

The latest destination to host the Outperformer’s League (OPL) conducted by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. - Truck and Bus Division was Raipur. OPL is an exclusive platform that provides an opportunity to the fleet owners to meet, interact and share information with each other and the other stakeholders of the trucking industry. In Raipur, the seminar was held in Hotel Babylon International on the 7th of July, 2014. The seminar focused on the Steel segment and was attended by 59 customers who included renowned fleet owners operating in this segment.

 Mr. Amit Kumar Gupta, Zonal Head (West & Central), Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. – Truck and Bus Division opened the session with a detailed presentation on the OPL, explaining the various initiatives and customer benefits associated with it. He also concluded the seminar with a vote of thanks.

Eminent Steel Industry Expert, Mr. Manoranjan Nayak, Head Procurement – Mahindra Logistics Ltd. was the first speaker to address the seminar. His presentation provided an overview on steel transportation. He educated the audience on the factors that determine purchase decisions and how choosing the right vehicle can help one to improve their business. The details & insights in his presentation was much appreciated by the audience.

Motivational speaker, Mr. Vijay Batra was the next speaker for the evening. His highly inspirational presentation on how to motivate transport employees and drivers helped the audience learn and understand the importance of employee motivation and its effect on business. Introducing a softer angle to the core learning was a well-received change.

The OPL also saw the display of the powerful TRUXO 31 and TRACO 40 for customers to have a closer look.

The seminar provided an exclusive platform to the various fleet owners to closely interact with other customers, industry experts, officials from the Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. – Truck and Bus Division team and Ralas Motors, Raipur (Authorized Dealer – Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. – Truck and Bus Division). The speakers, who were subject matter experts added immense value to the attendees. Following the seminar the customers were all praise for the Raipur OPL. They were really motivated and appreciative of the company’s initiative to go beyond sales to develop the transport community. With positive customer feedback about the seminar this installment of the OPL was truly a successful one. 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Business on the ‘RISE’

MPOWER War room stood true to its name. 24 participants, insightful case studies, fierce competition and rebuttals being tossed across the room, the power packed daylong session lit up the campus of IIM Ahmedabad. The event happened on the 2nd of July, 2014 with the participants of MPOWER sharing how they applied the learning from the sessions to excel and take their transport business to greater heights.
The journey to MPOWER War Room started with Mahindra’s Truck and Bus Division’s pioneering Management Development Program ‘MPOWER’, designed in association with the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad, with the objective of bringing professionalism to the trucking industry through young transport entrepreneurs. After completing three phenomenal batches, ‘MPOWER War Room’, gave an opportunity to the participants (of the first two batches) to share their outperformance story with their peers. 

The process started in mid-april with the delegates being invited to participate through a 1500 word case study on the subject ‘Success and Challenges in implementing what I learnt during Mahindra MPOWER at IIM, Ahmedabad, back into my business’. A screening jury comprising of IIM-A faculty and MTB Team and agency went through the case studies and provided inputs to delegates to further embellish them. The delegates were then mentored into creating a presentation out of their case studies for presentation to the expert and grand jury. On the 1st of July, a senior jury comprising of Transport Experts and IIM-A Faculty evaluated 24 case studies and 6 finalists were firmed up.

The top 6 finalists- Jehaan Dhalla, Manoj Sahu, Mitesh Shah, Nishi Singl,  Vandana Laddha & Vineet Huria shared their success stories, which were filled with inspiration and vision. The application of what they learnt in the ‘MPOWER’ sessions was visible. The incremental innovation and tweaks inspired everyone in the room, who responded to such bits with a constant clapping.
The process saw the involvement & presence of many stalwarts.

From the practitioner side, following were the Grand Jury members:
o   Dr. Pawan Goenka, Executive Director and President – AFS, M & M Ltd as the Chairperson of the Grand Jury
o   Mr. Rajan Wadhera, Chief Executive - Truck & Power Train Division, and Head - Mahindra Research Valley
o   Mr. Nalin Mehta was the non-voting member of the Grand Jury
o   Dr. Bhaskar Das, CEO, Zee Media Group
o   Mr. Rakesh Batra, Senior Partner – Automotive Practice, EY
From the academic side, four IIMA Faculty members were on the Grand Jury:
o   Prof. G. Raghuram, Dean Faculty, Transportation Expert and the prime architect of the MPOWER program
o   Prof.  Dheeraj Sharma, Professor of Marketing and Organizational Behavior and Coordinator of MPOWER
o   Prof. Rekha Jain, Professor of IT and Systems
o   Prof. Debjit Roy, Professor of Supply Chain and Logistics, who brings in the academic perspective on the logistics and transport business

The MPOWER War Room was won by Mr. Vineet Huria, who was followed by the first and second runner-ups Mr. Jehaan Dhalla and Ms. Vandana Laddha, respectively.

MPOWER WAR ROOM, along with other brand initiatives by the division, like Outperformers’ League, Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards, MPOWER, etc. itself have emerged as strong and popular initiatives which are driving positive change in the transport community by imparting knowledge, creating platforms for sharing knowledge and initiating dialogue and also providing avenues for celebrating and recognizing excellence and outperformance. We are confident that these initiatives, which honor the brand promise of RISE in letter and spirit, will help make the division a strong force in Indian CV industry and eventually, help in our journey to be the most trusted CV brand of India.