Saturday, November 26, 2011

Highway Ministry to cut toll fees

The highways ministry is likely to decrease toll charges on sections that will be widened from four to six lanes, or from two to four lanes. Sources said the ministry is bearing in mind three options to give toll relief to commuters since during expansion the service worsens, making it unsafe to use these stretches. 

A senior ministry official said a proposal was suggested to find a solution as several protests were received about poor condition of roads under maintenance and expansion. The ministry has drawn the National Highways Authority of India's (NHAI) attention to the problems. The first proposal is to reduce the consumer fee by 60% of the total toll charge for projects that will be widened from four to six lanes. 

"If we reduce the toll charge by 40%, it will be a key relief for commuters who face jamming and loss of precious time. In case of extension, the old toll rate should continue until the work is finished," said an official. They are also proposing that the NHAI could go for indexing of the toll during the construction phase.
Representatives clarified that all the proposals are awaiting approval. Once the permission comes through, new settings will be applicable to projects with reconsidering effect since the present ones are awarded as per prevailing norms. 

Last year the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) on highways had turned down this proposal to stop collecting toll or reducing it by 50% during the construction phase, which takes at least three years. EGoM had perceived that such a move would make plans unworkable for private developers.

Article Courtesy: Times of India

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ok is no longer Ok celebrates 1 lakh Fans

‘If you want to make enemies, try to change something. -Woodrow Wilson’ 

The quote above certainly stirs a wave inside your heart. Change is a necessary part of the ecosystem & when we try to change something for good, we indeed spark a revolution. ‘Ok is no longer Ok’ – The Facebook page of Mahindra Navistar Ltd. is indeed creating a revolution on the social network. The main change itself is the pioneering technology of Mahindra Navistar which will change the face of the Indian trucking industry.

Recently, Ok is no longer Ok – completed 1 lakh fans on Facebook. Celebrating their high amount of support on the social network, the page offered exciting souvenirs to their fans on Facebook. 

The community on Facebook is quite active in addressing issues which are ‘Not OK’. The much needed change in the society won’t come until we ourselves believe in that change. The Community on Facebook & other platforms such as blog & twitter – provides a great medium to locate & change things around us for the betterment of the society.  As Mahindra Navistar trucks change the logistical industry, it incites us to change the face of the society & diminish all ‘Not Ok’ things such as corruption & poverty.

Fans can register & get a cool Mahindra Navistar Souvenir – Ok is no longer Ok
Day by Day, the community on Twitter & Facebook is growing in numbers. Not only youth, but middle aged individuals are also turning up to the spirit of Mahindra Navistar. Mahindra Navistar, pioneers in the trucking industry is changing the face of Indian Logistics sector with their state of the art trucks & revolutionary ‘Now Services’. 

Along with their innovative trucks, Mahindra Navistar steps into a new era of brilliance with the launch of Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards which recognize and reward Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Change Leadership in the Indian Trucking Industry. 

The "Transport Excellency Awards" are a first of its kind awards with the sole objective to recognize outperformance, innovations, leadership and pioneers of change, and to set the standards of excellence in the industry.

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Overloaded Trucks – Be Cautious!

Trucks contribute a very important part in maintaining the country’s economy. In a vast country like India, trucks aid the commerce by delivering cargo even to most remote areas. Nearly 5 million truck drivers in the country who keep the economy moving.

One of the major problems truckers are facing is overloading.  The truck managers overload the trucks as transportation costs increase if trucks carry the permissible load. The National Highway Authority of India will shortly prohibit overloaded trucks on the highways. Around 60-70% of goods are transported on National Highways.

Overloaded vehicles pose an obstacle to for other vehicles on the road. Moreover, overloaded trucks cause more environmental pollution as they burn the gas impartially. They also damage the highway. According to a study, an overburdened truck of 100 kg can damage the highway much more than a normal truck. According to the stats 10% of the trucks damage the roads by 35% and lessen their overall age.

We share along a video – ‘Overloaded Trucks – Be Cautious!’ - It is a collaborative effort of Mahindra Navistar and Zee news to recognize and appreciate the efforts taken by truck drivers to keep the economy stable.

This video brings more such interesting insights into the ‘Life into the trucking industry’:

Fleet owners are concerned for the delivery of their merchandise. They require trucks that are capable of completing trips faster and are fuel efficient which will ensure fleet owners delivering on time without overloading the trucks.

This initiative is taken by Mahindra Navistar under Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards to recognize and reward Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Change Leadership in the Indian Trucking Industry.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Papa Ka Business

The world is a big place and it’s full of prospects. Following the old way of ‘study hard, go to a good school, get a great job, and work your way up the ladder’ is practically finished. Success today, whether it’s in a job or owning a business, is all about creating value.

When you’re in a developed country surrounded by hundreds of millions of people who share similar skills, it can be a bit competitive to do this. Then why not join something that has been developed by your father? Studies show that more youth are restraining themselves from joining their fathers’ business.
Certainly, for an industry like trucks & logistics, joining the business is something the sons avoid to do. But with the launch of pioneering trucks & technology in the trucking industry in our country, youth are planning to join their fathers’ hard earned company.

Mahindra Navistar has initiated ‘Papa Ka Business’ campaign – which motivates & encourages youth to join their fathers’ business. This is not only related or restricted to the logistic industry, but rather takes a wide approach to inspire youth to join their family business.

The first part of the campaign is the ‘Ok is no longer Ok’ on Facebook which is running a ‘Papa Ka Business Video’ storytelling contest. Fans will answer simple questions everyday based on the short 10 second edit of the TVC. A new question is introduced every 2 days for the fans to answer. The second part is around fans & online visitors submitting entries with their experiences of working in their family business, on the website  Contest winners will be awarded with iPod Nanos.

The great thing about being young is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s the only time in your life that you won’t be burdened with other responsibilities. So join your ‘Papa Ka Business’ and lead your own company & achieve new heights.