Friday, November 22, 2013


Are there reasons enough to buy Mahindra Trucks? Doubt it!
Mr. Motilal Agrawal, Proprietor, Supreme Transport, Ahmedabad is extremely satisfied and happy with his decision of investing in Mahindra Trucks. He says that, “profits are only possible with highly efficient trucks. One more reason why I chose Mahindra Trucks.”

There’s nothing more important than low operating costs and timely deliveries both for the Parcel industry and for businessmen like Mr. Motilal. And hence the company has decided to add a number of thoughtful features in the Mahindra TRUXO 25 – 170. Like the high performance M-POWER 170 engine which offers rugged power, fast pick-up and great fuel efficiency, making every trip even faster, profitable and trouble-free. This has been tailor made to suit the parcel transport business needs.

Along with the above features, the truck is comfortable and has a safe cabin with 25% better braking and a bigger clutch. The strong and sturdy aggregates are an add on. 


Mahindra Trucks and Buses most promising clientele tell us about what Mahindra has to offer and how it has made a world of a difference to them.
Mr. Rajendra Prajapati, Partner Arpita Roadline, Ahmedabad said, “After lakhs of kilometers, after many peak loads, after punishing use, these trucks still feel like new.”

He also said that cement transportation needs trucks with high pulling power that can withstand heavy loads and for lakhs of kilometers without fail. He believes that trucks are highly dependable even after punishing use. Mr. Rajendra needed all these qualities along with another one and that is trucks that are low on maintenance. Hence he chose Mahindra Trucks and found all these qualities in Mahindra TRUXO 31 Bulker.

Mahindra trucks are strong and sturdy along with being comfortable and safe. They have 34% grade ability, 10% better power and 25% better braking. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mahindra Conducts Driver Engagement At Indore

The Outperformers' League is an exclusive forum, where fleet owners interact with other stakeholders in the trucking industry. It provides an opportunity for fleet owners to access first-hand information on crucial business-related aspects and concerns. The latest session of the OPL was held in Indore on the 21st of October, 2013. And this time, it was all for the valued drivers of the transport industry. 110 heavy license drivers attended the seminar. Even the local MTBL & dealership team and various fleet owners attended, to show their support.

The session took an auspicious start with key fleet owners and the local MTBL & dealership team performing the lamp lighting ceremony. Post which the fleet owners where honoured with flowers. Following this, the drivers were exposed to various programs, some which were beneficial, some entertaining. Programs like a health and eye check-up, yoga class by a professional trainer, skit on the lifestyle of drivers showing the dangers of drug use, quiz, games as well as dancing. Truck drivers were also given Mahindra t-shirts and a lucky draw coupon. The winners of which were declared post lunch and snacks. The winners were handed out individual cash prizes by eminent fleet owners. Another highlight of the session was the powerful Mahindra Truxo truck. Which was displayed for drivers and fleet owners to inspect.

All in all, it was a fun-filled, informative and yet again, successful OPL session.

Top Fleet Owners Meet at Bangalore

The Outperformers' League is an exclusive forum, where fleet owners interact with other stakeholders in the trucking industry. It provides an opportunity for fleet owners to access first-hand information on crucial business-related aspects and concerns. On the 25th of October 2013, a new session of the OPL - Large Format was held in Bangalore to discuss about the Market Load Operators segment. Attending the seminar were 87 individuals - 55 unique fleet owners (34 IKA and 22 Retail) and 2 financiers.
Mr. Varadarajan, ABM, MTBL, opened the session with his warm address along with the very interesting corporate and OPL presentation. This was only one of the many riveting presentations that followed. Mr. Ramesh D. Kulkarni’s (AGM, Marketing, Meritor Heavy Vehicles Systems) presentation on ‘Axles that add Mileage’ Mr. Pradeep Varaiya’s (Tyre Expert) on ‘Tyre Maintenance Tips to give you Extra Profits' were very helpful and insightful. The audience were thrilled over the useful bits of information they received. But that’s not all.

During the session, the team of Rajalakshmi Automobiles & the local MTBL team gave their active participation. Finally, Mr. Varadarajan came back on the stage and gave the vote of thanks. Closing the curtains on a great OPL session.

The customers later shared their views about the Bangalore OPL seminar:
·         Mr. Anand Appaji (Anand Groups): I am thankful to Mahindra for conducting such OPL seminars. I request you to conduct them regularly.
·         Mr. Mallikaarjuna Reddy (KSR Transport): As a Mahindra customer, I am sure we will bypass the competition very soon. By sitting in my office I would have never gotten such knowledge. I thank Mahindra and look forward to more such programs in the future.
·         Mr. Amit Kumar Singh (Economic Transport): Personally, I got a lot of experience in Tyres & Axles from this OPL session. And we will surely like to be a part of the Mahindra family.