Monday, July 15, 2013


An Outperformers League meet was held in the city of Indore on the 26th of June 2013 which was met by a large number of participants.

The event was attended by 174 participants out of whom there were 85 Fleet Owners attended from a list of 120 Fleet Owners. The event also had participation of 26 NKA/IKA customers out of 38 customers. Along with them attended 4 Body builders out of the top 10 Body builders.

Mr. Amitkumar Gupta, Zonal Head kick started the event with a warm welcome speech to all the fellow participants present at the event along with a Corporate Presentation and a Presentation on OPL Introduction. This was shortly followed by a Presentation on Containerized Transportation and the Future of Containerized transportation in India by Mr. Amrendra Pratap Singh, Head Distribution and Logistics, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The following presentation was by Mr. I. C Goel who gave a Presentation on Subrogratory Claims made on Transporters by Insurance Companies. Mr. I. C Goel represents the AIMTC as a nominee for the Insurance Regulatory Authority, Government of India.

As the evening proceeded, Mr. Amitkumar Gupta took the privilege to introduce Mr. Madoosudanan (ABM-MTBL) among the Fleet Owners. Marking the end of the event was Mr. Ghulam Gous Shirani, MD-Sagar Automobiles who gave a quick Vote of thanks to all the participants for gracing the event.
Despite the heavy rainfall in the city, the Fleet Owners turned up in good numbers and also enjoyed the event. They actively participated in the discussions that were conducted and interacted with the speakers. There was active participation from the team of Sagar Automobiles and Local MTBL-Team.


And yet another Outperformer’s League meet was held in the city of Jamshedpur which was attended by a large audience who graced the event with their presence. The event was held on the 21st of June 2013 in Alcor Hotel, Jamshedpur.

The event was attended by 132 participants out of whom there were 41 Unique Fleet owners along with 9 Financers and 3 Body Builders. There was a large participation from MTBL who included Mr. Kailash Hegde, Mr. Santanu Khanra, and Mr. Rajnish Kumar to name a few. Anantara Solutions also had their heads participate like Mr. Gopinath Ramakrishnan, Mr. Atul Singh and Mr. Sushil Cherian.

The event was warmly welcomed by a short speech addressing the gathering by Mr. Saumyabrata Das, Zonal Head. This was followed by a Corporate Presentation and OPL Introduction by Mr. Anurag Chaturvedi, ABM. Following next was a Presentation given by Mr. Soumick Ghosh, Service Head East on Service and Warranty. Mr. Sushil K. Cherian, Logistics Expert, Anantara Solutions, took over by giving a Presentation on Steel Industry Logistics which was then discussed with the participants in detail.

And finally, it was Mr. Pradip Varaiya, Tyre Expert who gave a quick Presentation on ‘Extend Tyre Life and Increase Your Profit’ followed by a discussion on the same topic. To mark the end of the event, Mr. Amrik Singh, Dealer, Sant Auto gave a Vote of Thanks which was then followed by Cocktails and Dinner.