Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mahindra NOW, a 24x7 unique service helpline

Mahindra and Mahindra is associated with technology and engineering brilliance. Creating high-end trucks with many user-friendly features is a norm. The Mahindra Blazo being the newest one. Such engineering marvels make the entire journey of the transporter as well as the trucker, comfortable and economical.

The Mahindra Truck and Bus Philosophy  
Mahindra Truck and Bus is a name to reckon for when it comes to expert technology. Customer service is also something that is valued and where it excels. Customer service at Mahindra isn’t just a department but what every Mahindra employee believes in and also strives to achieve it.
The Mahindra NOW reflects this and it not only believes in making high-agility, sturdy, fuel-efficient vehicles but also ensures the best service possible for its customers.

The Mahindra Now
A team of trained technicians handle the Mahindra Now. The truck drivers need to just call MTBD NOW at 1800-200-3600, choose the language that they are comfortable with and place their request. This enables them to conveniently communicate with the technician and explain the reason of the call. Every fault has been labelled with a code. The labeling system enables the technicians at the centres to precisely understand the cause of the breakdown. This facilitates them to give immediate solution. The technician then goes through the troubleshooting and fixes the issue so as to make the driving experience, a smooth one. In an interview Dr Venkat Srinivas, Vice President and Head - Engineering & Product Development, Mahindra Truck and Bus Division says, “Mahindra has successfully been able to eliminate the anxiety associated with any critical fault, the truck driver has to face. Basis this there is stratification of these faults: faults that are critical to fix and the ones that are ‘nice to know information’, bugs, errors that pass on learning to the team. The critical ones are immediately looked into. The Mahindra NOW centres with well trained technicians and engineers help the truck driver out. All these faults have been labelled and each label passes on till the time request is closed. Each label is reviewed and analysed for better troubleshooting. All this is more than just a ‘check engine’ light.” 

The truck drivers can avail reliable service at their fingertips 24*7 using MTBD NOW. With its new stance, the MahindraTruck and Bus offers truck back on the road within 48 hours. This means that the vehicle downtime is reduced drastically and high performance is always guaranteed. If the return of truck fails within the stipulated time-frame then the division is ready to pay INR 1000 each day.

Check out the following video to know more about Mahindra Now: