Friday, May 20, 2016

The CRDe Engine that drives the new Mahindra BLAZO

The heavy commercial vehicle industry today has seen a gradual growth tangent upwards in terms of technology and services, most of them catering to the need-of-the-hour crisis. While the heavy commercial vehicle industry is battling with the daily nuances of the heavy duty truck industry, mostly concentrating either on fuel efficiency or engine performance, Mahindra Truck and Bus has come up with a path-breaking innovation accommodating both these factors in their all new heavy vehicle, the Mahindra BLAZO!

MTBD clearly stands out as a clear winner among the rest after having contained the CRDe technology and FuelSmart technology in their truck. 

Technology that drives performance:

Technology gives voice to the mute! Mahindra has always believed in Rise, a mantra that justifies its being. Hence making high end technology available to common people, is an inherent passion, marking a beginning of better life and livelihood for all! 


The new Mahindra BLAZO introduce an electronically controlled diesel fuel injection engine called the CRDe. In the CRDe, engine, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) controls the fuel usage. Engine ECU like our brain is completely informed, thanks to its sensors like the speed sensor, rail pressure sensor, coolant temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, accelerator pedal sensor, which are connected to the engine.

The high pressure pump pressurizes the diesel that gets accumulated in the common rail. Fuel injectors enable the fuel to be sprayed on the cylinders and the time taken by the injector to open the valve determines the amount of fuel to be used by the engine. 

The FuelSmart Technology

Vehicles are driven in different types of terrains with different amount of load at all times. Based on this need Mahindra has incorporated a feature by which a driver can increase/decrease the engine power so as to get maximum fuel efficiency.

There are three switches on the dashboard with three different modes – Light, Heavy and Turbo.  The Light mode can be used when BLAZO is being driven on flat terrain with no load in the vehicle. This utilizes less power and hence lesser torque. Heavy mode can be used when there is more than average load in the vehicle. Instead of using the lower gear for driving, the driver can just turn on the Heavy mode which would give better pick up. This would achieve more trips and more profit. If the vehicle has maximum load and is being driven in the hilly region or on a bumpy road the Turbo mode can be used. If the vehicle is driven in the Turbo mode for more than 30 minutes, a beep sound would be heard three times indicating that a switch to a different mode needs to be made based on changing road conditions.

BLAZO 25 (25 ton trucks), BLAZO 31 (31 ton trucks) and BLAZO 40 (40 ton trucks) have all the three modes, whereas BLAZO 35 (35 ton trucks), BLAZO 37 (37 ton trucks) and BLAZO 49 (49 ton trucks) have two modes (light and heavy).


Apart from the CRDe engine and FuelSmart technology, the Mahindra BLAZO also has an RPM display, fuel gauge and temperature gauge; the LCD screen displays hat also show trips per km, per km fuel consumption, average speed and battery voltage. The LCD dashboard also alerts about service reminders for the vehicle. Thus, multiple factors work in congruence to make BLAZO one of the best heavy vehicles anybody would want.

BLAZO gives the best experience to its customers considering the road, load and driving conditions, because as June Martin rightly asserts, everything starts with the customer.