Friday, September 23, 2011

Life on Wheels - Life of an Indian Truck Driver

Truck drivers are often looked down upon, with little understanding of their lives & their job. Driving trucks can be quite dangerous & risky but these truck drivers take it up as a daily activity. They spend a major portion of their lives on the roads with these trucks. They are never treated with the respect they deserve. Compared to other developed countries, truckers in India are poorly paid and often criticized for rash driving & breaking of rules.

Truck Drivers are the most substantial part of the transport industry. Not only do they help the logistics industry but are certainly a back bone for the country’s economy. There are about 5 million truck drivers in the country who keep the business moving. But no -one ever notices their difficulties & struggles which they face during their life on wheels. 

We share along a video – ‘Life of an Indian Truck Driver’ - which is a collaborative effort of Mahindra Navistar and Zee Business to recognize and appreciate the struggles taken by a truck driver to keep the economy steady. 

This video brings to more such interesting insights into the life of an Indian truck driver:

Truck drivers are undoubtedly the solid pillars of the trucking industry who work 365 Days to keep the Indian commerce running. They keep pace with time to deliver merchandises on time with just a simple faith in their mind – An optimism to create a better future for the country. 

This initiative is taken by Mahindra Navistar under Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards to recognize and reward Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Change Leadership in the Indian Trucking Industry.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Development of Trucking Sector in India

According to a recent survey into the productivity of Indian transport – India’s transportation sector supplies for the wants of 1.1 billion people. Of this, roads are the main form of transport as they carry 65% of India’s cargo. Also, trucks have the broadest reach in cargo carriage and can transport goods to even the most rural and mountainous areas of India.

The overall poor quality and growing congestion on Indian roads are some of the challenges of the trucking industry. This overcrowding is particularly severe in urban centers compelled by the huge development in vehicle possession in the past few years.

Indian Trucking – Facts (Based on the Indian Trucking Sector Analysis)
  • The Indian Trucking industry nearly employs 40 million people.
  • The trucks in India travel an average of 60,000 – 1, 00,000 kms of distance on road per year. About 2.5 – 3 million trucks move within the country every day.
  • One of every 6 vehicles is not running due to unavailability of truck drivers. 
The government & the logistics authorities are planning to expand the road infrastructure through investing in variety of planning modules which includes $20.33 million from the World Bank programme which will help extension of the road network in the country.

Substantial investment is being made into India’s road network for improved trucking facilities such as free-trade warehousing zones and special economic zones (SEZs). The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is planning to model 15 truck stations of global standard in Maharashtra. Numerous amenities will be added to the depots such as warehousing, rest facilities for drivers, treatment & medical facilities and fuel provisions.

Another major issue which is distressing the trucking sector is the scarcity of truck drivers. Lack of proper training, chaotic work schedules and inappropriate pay scale are the key concerns tackled by the industry at the moment. Mahindra Navistar provides appropriate training through their ‘Driver Training programme’ which will benefit the truckers to acquire a better work-related satisfaction.

The thrust in investment in the trucking sector will definitely boost its economy & trade. Mahindra Navistar is also working towards the betterment of Indian Trucking through its pioneering technology. Forums such as Mahindra Navistar “OutPerfoermer’s League” will support the logistics industry to track the problems and discover solutions.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mahindra Navistar inaugurates Sundaram Automobiles in Kozhikode and launches its new range of HCV in Kerala

  • State-of-the-art dealership inaugurated in Kozhikode (Sundaram Motors of TVS Group as the local partner).
  • Sprawling dealership reflects Mahindra Navistar’s serious commitment to CV Business
  • Offers products between 4.5 and 9 tonne and between 25 and 40 tonne, including Rigid Truck, Multi Axle truck, Tipper and Tractor Trailer.
  • Leader in LCV market in Kerala with 50% market share (Load+ Passenger)
  • Plans to launch over 100 dealerships in the next 24 months
  • The existing LCV and new HCV range to be sold and serviced from new dealerships
  • Mobile Service Workshop flagged off as a part of the unique ‘anywhere, anytime’ on-road assistance programme
  • Strong service network with 751 touch points ( and growing)

Kozhikode, July 22, 2011: After announcing start of sales of the new M&HCV range consisting of MN25, MN31, MN 40 & MN 25 Tipper and winning the Commercial Vehicle of the year award at Apollo CV Commercial Vehicle Award 2011, Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd. today inaugurated its new, state-of-the-art dealerships in Kozhikode, M/s. Sundaram Automobiles.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nalin Mehta, Managing Director, Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd., said “We are now a full range Commercial Vehicle player.  We are the leader in LCV market in Kerala with over 50% market share and with our new M&HCVs MN 25, MN 31, MN 40 Tractor Trailer, MN 25 Tipper already plying on roads across India, we have kept the promise that we made during Auto Expo 2010. Our superior product performance coupled with sound value proposition is already helping the customers across India outperform, earn higher profits and get better ROI”.  

Also speaking at the dealership inauguration, Mr. S V Nana Rau,  Senior Vice President, TVS & Sons, said, “We are very excited and feel honored to be a part of the new chapter in the trucking industry that we are about to unveil together with Mahindra Navistar for the customers of Kozhikode. M/S Sundaram Automobiles, has earned a name for itself through superior customer service in its various businesses, and the dealership of Mahindra Navistar provides us a great opportunity of replicating the same high standards by leveraging our deep understanding of Kozhikode market. Together we will help our customers outperform.”

Inaugurating the state of the art dealership earlier in the day, Mr. Mehta said, “This is a moment of pride for us as we look at the changing skyline of the India trucking industry. We have already sold more than 1300 truck across the country within a short span of time, and gained tremendous confidence and appreciation from our customers. We are getting large number of bulk and repeat orders. We have created a world class manufacturing plant in Chakan for trucks with an investment of Rs. 950 Crores and are creating a modern distribution network in the country as the one here in Kozhikode, to cater to the growing needs of the customers. The state-of-the-art dealership will also feature a well-equipped workshop, prompt spare parts availability, mobile service vans and highly trained staff to enable our customers to get a hassle free and delightful experience of owning our trucks”. 

Mr Mehta also mentioned “Kozhikode is a very important market for transportation industry - not only for Kerala but for entire Southern India. We are already the market leader for LCV in Kerala with 50% market share. We are sure we will be very successful for our HCV range also in Kerala market. We at Mahindra Navistar will go all out to cater to this market through a very strong dealer partner to create new standards in customer service. ”

The prices of the new M&HCV range in Kozhikode  are as follows:

  • MN25- 16.60 lakhs
  • MN 31- 20.52 lakhs
  • MN 40 (210 T) - 17.92 lakhs
  • MN 40 (260 T) -19.69 lakhs
  • MN 25 Tipper- 24.11 lakhs 

Extensive Sales & Service Network

The company also flagged off the mobile service workshop, yet another first in Indian trucking industry, with the objective of providing ‘anywhere, anytime’, on-road assistance to customers. Coupled with the multi-lingual, 24x7 call centre branded as ‘NOW’, which is manned by trained service experts, Mahindra Navistar is all set to unleash a new paradigm in customer service in Indian trucking. To add to this, nearly 430 Roadside Assistance centres are also in place to provide service.

Besides this, MNAL will also draw on the vast pool of M&M auto and tractor channel partners to use as an extended network for servicing customers’ needs. At this stage, 220 such Authorized Service Points are already in place. Within a short span of time Mahindra Navistar has created 751 service touch points across the country and the number is continuously growing.

The company aims to create a channel which will be passionate about surpassing customer expectations and willing to go that extra mile. The dealer network aims to set new benchmarks in delivering requisite services and spares to customers in the HCV segment in India. 

About Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd. (MNAL)

In 2005, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and International Truck and Engine Corporation - the operating company of Navistar - entered into a JV to manufacture light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles for India as well as global markets. The joint venture is in the process of addressing every segment of the commercial vehicle market from 3.5 tonne GVW to 49 tonne GVW with variants of passenger transport, cargo and specialized load applications.

The new HCV product range has been engineered to meet Indian requirements with technological expertise from Navistar with the underlying philosophy of ‘Made in India, Made for India and Made with 175 years of international trucking expertise’. The new range of medium and heavy commercial vehicles is being manufactured at a new green field plant at Chakan, near Pune. The plant, which spans over 700 acres, has been set up with investments of over Rs.4000 crores and is producing other M&M products as well. This is helping MNAL leverage the benefits of synergies of an integrated manufacturing facility.

About The Mahindra Group

Mahindra embarked on its journey in 1945 by assembling the Willys Jeep in India and is now a US $12.5 billion Indian multinational. It employs over 1,19,000 people across the globe and enjoys a leadership position in utility vehicles, tractors and information technology, with a significant and growing presence in financial services, tourism, infrastructure development, trade and logistics. The Mahindra Group today is an embodiment of global excellence and enjoys a strong corporate brand image.

Mahindra is the only Indian company among the top tractor brands in the world. It is today a full-range player with a presence in almost every segment of the automobile industry, from two-wheelers to CVs, UVs, SUVs and sedan. Mahindra recently acquired a majority stake in REVA Electric Car Co Ltd. (now called Mahindra REVA), strengthening its position in the Electric Vehicles domain.

The Mahindra Group expanded its IT portfolio when Tech Mahindra acquired the leading global business and information technology services company, Satyam Computer Services. The company is now known as Mahindra Satyam.

Mahindra is also one of the few Indian companies to receive an A+ GRI checked rating for its first Sustainability Report for the year 2007-08 and has also received the A+ GRI rating for the year 2008- 09.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mahindra Navistar - Recognizing Excellence in the Indian Transport Industry

Mahindra Navistar Transport Excellence Awards 2011
Mahindra Navistar has taken yet another step towards Outperformance by launching the Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards, which recognize and reward Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Change Leadership in the Indian Trucking Industry.  These awards aim to be the Oscars of the Indian Transport Industry as it is the first initiative ever taken on such a grand scale. Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards is an avenue for trucking industry stakeholders to showcase excellence and outperformance in their work.

So what is the Main Motive of the Awards?
  • To recognize outperformance, innovations, leadership and pioneers of change, and to set the standards of excellence in the industry.
  • To strengthen the philosophy of ‘OK is no longer OK’
  • To connect to each & every important member of the trucking industry & develop understanding in the system.
The ‘Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards’ are the first of its kind awards with the sole objective to recognize outperformance, innovations, leadership and pioneers of change, and to set the standards of excellence in the industry.

So Who are the key stakeholders of the Trucking Industry?
Fleet Owners & Fleet Drivers – The solid pillar of the trucking industry are the fleet owners & drivers who work 365 days to keep the economy running. Mahindra Navistar recognizes their efforts & awards them for their outperformance in the industry
Youth Transport Personality of the Year – Youth is certainly an important part of the Indian Trucking industry. It holds the passion within them that will improve the industrial economy.
Commercial Vehicle Financiers – Financiers are the lifeline of the CV Industry. They are the ones who provide the wings to the dreams of transporter. Vehicle purchase finance is the safety net that is built around an extremely uncertain business of transport.
Highway Dhabas & Non-Profit Bodies – Dhabas equally contribute towards the development of trucking industry as they are the ones who ensure the health & well-being of truck drivers when they are away from their homes, plying on the highways. In addition to this, Non-Profit bodies who are working towards the progress of trucking industry in the country will also be considered for rewards under Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards.
The Philosophy
The "Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards" have been classified under three themes which reflect the spirit of Outperformance:
  • Accepting No Limits: Dare To Disturb The Universe - For those who think big and dare to look beyond conventional boundaries, who are adaptable to change and set benchmarks beyond global best-in-class standards and take well-reasoned risks to deliver breakthrough products, services and solutions for their customers.
  • Alternative Thinking: Add Value through Ingenuity:  For those who apply alternative thinking and new approaches in everyday work-life, to seek fresh and diverse perspectives and solely use their intellect, ingenuity for customer-focused innovations and to add value to their stake-holders.
  • Driving Positive Change: Shape Destinies: For those who deeply understand the needs of their customers, to offer them quality products and services, that will not only delight them but improve and transform their lives. Those who put customers at the center of their business, build strong relationships with them while acting with the highest standards of integrity. And strive to bring about positive change, not only in their own lives but also enable their customers and communities to rise.
Mahindra is Rise
Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards absorb the ideology of Mahindra Rise. The thirst for a brighter future is something shared by people around the world. Rise is a movement of determined people who are working towards goals of all sizes, every day. Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards is working towards the growth of Indian Trucking Industry.  The awards will help recognize the talent & effort of members of the logistics industry and acknowledge them for their optimism, determination, and grit to take responsibility for a better future.
Also, Ernst & Young, who are the auditors of prominent TV shows like “Kaun Banega Crorepati?” will be the process tabulators and Examiners to guarantee that the Mahindra Navistar Transport Excellence Awards are perceived as fair and transparent by the transport ecosystem.
Zee News & Economic Times will be covering the whole event through their reputed Electronic & newspaper medium respectively.