Monday, October 28, 2013

The New Rising Power

Mahindra Trucks and Buses are known for their strong product development, a robust product development team and modern plants with the best equipments which make them the third leading player in the industry.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sahu, MD of Ganpati Carrying Corporation Ltd. Mumbai shares similar views about Mahindra Trucks and Buses. To quote Mr. Sahu, “my driver feels fresh even after working day and night in these tractor-trailers.” Mahindra Trucks work relentlessly when it comes to delivering the best to their customers. The customers are left feeling happy and satisfied with their choice of choosing Mahindra trucks over the automobile companies. Their vision and mission both work hand in hand in delivering the finest outputs.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sahu also added, “Mahindra Trucks never compromise on anything. With their superior pulling power, fast turnaround time, fuel-efficient engine and comfortable interiors, they have revolutionized the port containerized transportation business. Customers having chosen Mahindra tractor-trailer have seen the competitive business advantage it has given to their business.”

The drivers of these tractor-trailers are given prime importance and hence he says that Mahindra’s tractor-trailers offer comfortable and safe cabins for the drivers along with 12% better grade ability, 10% better power, 25% better breaking and the best-in-class fuel economy.

Mahindra also offers exclusive deals like 5 years or 5 Lac KM Warranty along with a transferable warranty; which is a first time in the Indian transport industry, giving them an edge over the other companies.

Mahindra On a Roll

The clientele of Mahindra Truck’s could not speak any less about the company that they are doing business with. Each and every customer is very happy with the services being offered by Mahindra.

Mr. H. R Khurana, MD Sheetal Parivahan, Mumbai speaks about how doing business with Mahindra Trucks has proved beneficial for him and his company. To quote Mr. Khurana, “My Mahindra Trucks make sure that the products remain fresh. And the drivers too.” No stone has been left unturned by Mahindra to make sure that their customers receive the best in terms of functionalities.

Mr. Khurana has also added that products which need controlled temperature during transport need highly dependable reefer trucks and he also said that there is only one company that delivers on this account: Mahindra. Its TRUXO 25 fully built reefer van has better insulation, robust build, solid power and good fuel economy. It possesses all the qualities that make it highly wanted. And hence it is highly recommended by Mr. Khurana.

According to him, Mahindra Trucks offer higher uptime, comfortable and safe cabin, 34% better gradeability, 10% better power, 25% better braking and the best-in-class fuel economy.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The MPOWER Initiative Takes A New Leg

Mahindra has been long associated with Nanhi Kali – Girl Child Education since 1953 when the late Mr. K.C Mahindra founded The K.C Mahindra Educational Trust (KCMET) with the objective of promoting literacy and higher learning in the country.
On the 23rd of January, 2013, Mahindra Trucks and Buses Limited launched a new initiative at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) known as MPOWER – the Management Development Program for Youth Transport Entrepreneurs for the new and next generation of the transport fraternity. Many young, enthusiastic and dedicated entrepreneurs belonging to the finest transport companies of India were chosen for this initiative with an aim at professionalizing the Indian transport sector in the long run.

In order to sustain the relationship with the delegates who belong to the top transport companies of India and who are part of this tie-up, each delegate will be assigned one Nanhi Kali (girl child) for a period of one year.

There have been various MPOWER batches in the past who have contributed towards making a difference for example, MPOWER Batch I consisted of 30 participants and each delegate contributed towards one Nanhi Kali – Girl Child Education. Similarly, the second MPOWER Batch was initiated on the 3rd of August, 2013 till the 16th of August, 2013. This batch comprised of 35 young entrepreneurs who were assigned one Nanhi Kali to a delegate for one year.

Each delegate contributed a sum of Rs. 2400 towards this initiative. A total sum of Rs. 84,000 would be given to Nanhi Kali towards the education of the Girl child from the 1st to the 5th standard.

Future Trends In The Cement Industry Discussed at Vellore

The Outperformers' League is an exclusive forum, where fleet owners interact with other stakeholders in the trucking industry. It provides an opportunity for fleet owners to access first-hand information on crucial business-related aspects and concerns. Taking forward the OPL, the next session was held in Vellore on 24th September, 2013. The event focused on the challenges and future of the commanding Cement industry. And saw an impressive turnout of 77 participants, including 46 unique fleet owners 1 NKA and 21 IKA customers.

Mr. Raj Kumar (Manager Sales, MTBL) gave the welcome address and started the event off with a bang. His corporate and OPL presentation also met with applause from our eager audience. The enigmatic Mr. Rajkumar further carried the event forward with his captivating product presentation on the robust MN31 truck. Later during the event, Capt. Yokesh Kundra (Dy. Executive Director, Dalmia Cements) took over the reins, with his informative presentation on the future trends in the cement industry. The questions poured in as Capt. Kundra shared his wealth of knowledge with the attentive audience.
With active and enthusiastic participation from both the Rajalakshmi Automobiles and local MTBL team, the event was truly a success. Mr. S. Balaji’s (Manager Service, MTBL) rounded up this session of the OPL with his warm vote of thanks to all those who attended the event

Following the event, the customers were all praise for the Mumbai OPL event:

JDL Transport - Mr. Jai Shankar - Vellore Lorry Owners President: “This is the first time I got the invitation from HCV Manufacturer and it was a very wonderful session”

Mr.PadmaSekar - Prasad Transport: “Thanks to the Mahindra family for a very good event. I wish you all the best for the future. Also I will be a part of Mahindra in near future"

Mr. Suresh - RRR Transport: "The market is slow; once it picks up I will be the first person to get Mahindra Trucks"