Thursday, December 13, 2018

3 BLAZO X 31 Can Get You a New BLAZO X 31 totally free in 5 Years!

Mahindra BLAZO X 31 saves rupees at a rate that would get you a BLAZO X 31 trucks free in 5 years. Enabled by Mahindra’s first-mover advantage on the latest technologies, the BLAZO X range of HCV trucks has smashed the ceiling on savings, amidst the current fuel price hike and uncertain Freight rates.

Lowest Maintenance & Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
BLAZO X 31 has the lowest TCO across the segment. Its scheduled 30,000 km maintenance requires a change in only the DCU filter, whereas competitors’ trucks also need changes in dampener kit and air oil separator. Maintenance cost for 3,60,000 km or 4 years is Rs.14, 640 for X 31, whereas it is between Rs. 60, 225 and 90,000 for the competition. BLAZO X 31 also has the lowest diesel exhaust fluid consumption  (i.e., AdBlue), 30% less than the competition. The three-bellow lift axle provides a ground clearance of 190/130 mm, compared to the competition’s 180/120 mm; this minimizes vehicle damage and saves the cost of adding leaf springs or modifying the suspension.

Power & Displacement
The best-in-class Mahindra mPower FuelSmart engine, with the largest displacement in the segment—7.2 litres that delivers 274 HP highest in the HCV segment. This, together with the FuelSmart technology, ‘Turbo’, ‘Heavy’, and ‘Light’ multi-mode switches, ensures more reserve power, greater engine life, and the best fluid efficiency in the segment. The truck also clocks more trips at a lower cost and has faster turnaround time.

Fuel Efficiency
Competitors’ trucks need 550 litres in a month, owners pay for 580 litres, while a BLAZO X 31 needs only 510 litres. This puts money directly into the fleet owner’s pockets from the get-go and reduces the effort of negotiating with drivers on price.

Industry-first Savings Packages from Mahindra

BLAZO X 31 offers a guaranteed mileage, lowest in class oil drain intervals and lowest lubricant prices, Smart SCR Airless technology for added savings towards ADBlue consumption and an industry-first
6 years/6 lakh kms transferable warranty for the most hassle-free owner experience in its class.

Friday, November 23, 2018

BLAZO X — Retiring The Concept of ‘Resale Value’

BLAZO X — Retiring The Concept of ‘Resale Value’

Attention, fleet owners: you are about to radically change your approach to vehicle ownership. You may be in the habit of evaluating ownership by tallying price of the truck, interest on the loan, cost of repair and maintenance, and ‘resale value’. Mahindra BLAZO X changes the game by delivering so much value from day-one that it makes resale a thing of the past. Here are the extras backing that bold claim.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership is the BLAZO X’s biggest gift to fleet owners. High oil drainage interval, 9% savings on lubricants, 9% additional overall saving, and 32% savings over other trucks.

To make this possible, BLAZO X uses more cutting-edge technology than its competitors. The MPOWER engine with Mahindra's CRDe expertise, FuelSmart for highest mileage, easy access to SCR Technology, lower maintenance, and longer engine life makes the savings possible.

BLAZO X builds loyalty like no other with its industry-first 6 lakh/6 year transferable warranty on guarantee, gearbox axle, cabin, and chassis. It has a strong chassis, sturdy cabin-body suspension, and reliable braking system for safety. A robust front-axle, a 395 mm diameter clutch, and a heavy-duty gearbox for ease of driving.

Finally, it takes all the anxiety, tension, and hassle out of ownership through incredible cash-backed guarantees: enjoy better mileage or return your truck, 48 hours breakdown service or get Rs.1000/day, 2 hours service response or Rs.500/hour, 36 hour guaranteed turnaround at workshops or Rs.3000/day, guaranteed availability of 150 fast moving maintenance parts else they are free, 250 critical spares available at dealerships or they’re free.

BLAZO X is the only truck that assures a saving of Rs.15,000* per month, i.e., an annual saving of Rs.1,80,000 or a potential lifetime savings of Rs 9,00,000. Its message is this: drive more and save more today, rather than think of the little money from resale years later.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Mahindra BLAZO X

BLAZO X gives your Xtra Mileage.
Because only a BLAZO can beat a BLAZO.

On February 4 at Auto Expo 2016, Mahindra Truck & Bus (MTB) launched the New Mahindra BLAZO, India’s first #SMARTTRUCK with the innovative FuelSmart technology. Thanks to this technology, BLAZO came with the first-ever mileage guarantee, creating history in Indian trucking and transport. To give customers added confidence, the company also offered a service guarantee with the BLAZO. So that transporters never had to worry about breakdowns and downtime.

Within 2.5 years of launching the BLAZO HCV series, Mahindra Truck and Bus has experienced substantial volume and market share growth. As per the FY19 half-yearly performance, the company’s HCV volume grew by 79% over 56% for the industry, giving it a market share of 4.9%. Today, there are over 19,900 BLAZO s on the road clocking over 70 crore km and the best thing is that 49% of customers have already made a repeat purchase.

Now in 2018 Mahindra is launched the BLAZO X, which delivers the best mileage in the HCV market, even more than the BLAZO.

BLAZO X is the silver lining in the dark cloud of rising fuel costs. It improves upon the already high fuel-efficiency of its predecessor, the BLAZO, through improvements in the intercooler, fan, and turbo. With a total of 6 guarantees covering mileage, service and spares, BLAZO X provides a way for businesses and owners to combat high transport costs.

Mahindra’s innovative FuelSmart technology also allows drivers to choose from three modes - Turbo, Heavy and Light at the touch of a button - to adapt to different load conditions thereby improving engine life, reducing the need for maintenance and getting more mileage in all load conditions.

Now, drivers will also experience less fatigue and perform better due to features like tilt & telescopic steering wheel, 3-way adjustable seats and comfortable sleeper berths which combine to reduce fatigue during long journeys. Added to this, there’s the large windshield and rear-view mirrors and the Driver Information System (DIS) integrated into the dashboard for RPM, temperature, fuel, and speed to give instant information about important vehicle parameters to the drivers and to alert them about any possible vehicle situations.

BLAZO X has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership among HCVs due to its high oil drainage interval, 9% savings on lubricants, 9% additional overall saving, and 32% more savings than other trucks. It also comes with a 6 year/6 lakh km transferable warranty and the unique MCOVER insurance package. BLAZO X is truly the best proposition in the truck segment for both owners and drivers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mahindra salutes the efforts of those truck drivers who believe in the education of their girl children and work much harder to make it happen. And ‘Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan’ is a humble attempt to provide the daughters of the truck drivers of this country with scholarships so they can pursue further studies and carve out a career for themselves.

This year, the scholarship disbursement ceremony  was held at our dealerships across fourteen transport hubs throughout India which included the remotest of towns and villages like Salem, Tuticorin, Vijayawada, Ranchi, Panipat, Jalandhar, Varanasi, Jabalpur, Chandrapur and more. Certificates and demand drafts worth 10000/- were distributed.

 The ceremony was graced by the local VIPs, our key customers and members of several transport associations and dealership teams. Attending the do were also the entire sales team of the Mahindra Truck and Bus Division. And we’d like to thank everyone present for their support.
The prideful walk of the daughters heading onto the stage to receive their scholarships and the token of appreciation from the dignitaries was heartening to see. And yes, it was indeed an event that brought tears to the eyes of everyone present.
Here’s what some of the scholarship recipients say:
Finally, this program aims at portraying the spirit of Mahindra’s RISE Philosophy – of Driving Positive Change and to RISE for Good!

Friday, April 6, 2018


Since the 7th Edition of Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards (MTEA) was webcast LIVE many of you are already aware that ROAD SAFETY and INNOVATION were the mantras of the evening that marked the ceremony. It took place on the 7th of March 2018 at the Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi. An evening that was brimming with the positivity, excitement and anticipation of the who’s who of the Indian road transport industry. All of whom gathered to honour our OUTPERFOPERMERS!

The MTEA recognizes various stakeholders in the trucking industry on parameters like Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Change Leadership and judges against the backdrop of Mahindra’s RISE pillars Accepting No Limits, Alternative Thinking and Driving Positive Change. The initiative, with its inclusive nature, has set for itself high standards!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways that has continued to support the program for the fifth consecutive year. Besides higher numbers, the entries also exhibited better quality, more interesting stories and a stronger pitch, giving us a feeling that the MTEA has come of age.
Bringing you the highlights –
Panel Discussion on a pertinent topic Commercial Vehicle End-of-Life Policy in India, moderated by Vivek Law, a prominent name in the Business News Channel industry. The discussion focused on the likely contours of the policy as well as the impact of such a policy on all stakeholders like CV OEMs, government agencies, Fleet Owners, Single Truck Owners, etc.

Mr. Vinod Sahay, CEO, Mahindra Truck and Bus and Construction Equipment Division presented the report card of the awards program, reaffirming our commitment to continue, strengthen and make more relevant, this RISE initiative. He shared with the audience, the fact that the awards program was becoming bigger and better with every passing year and was attracting better quality entries, which is a heartening news.

Mr. Veejay Nakra, Chief of Sales & Marketing, Auto Division talked about the inclusion of SCV & LCV Category. He stressed upon important role-play by the segment in emerging Indian economy through last mile distribution.

Dr. Goenka addressed the gathering about the significant changes in Economies and financial markets. In his speech, he said “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. He urged the gathering to invest in own Light of Knowledge initiative, within their company, community, ecosystem. He said, “There can be nothing better than investing in sharpening the saw, to better prepare for the ever-changing forest.” He talked about MTB’s ‘The Light of Knowledge’ initiative – MPower for Youth Transporters in this context. Dr. Goenka’s speech was followed by MPower book launch
On the theme of Road Safety, this year we introduced a new short story contest called "Come Home Papa" in collaboration with our literary partners, #TellMeYourStory. Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan Scholarship winner girls were asked to write stories on Road Safety, based on father’s experiences on the road. All the stories were published online, at and the best thirty stories have been chosen for publishing in the book. Four Saarthi Abhiyaan Outperformers were felicitated with their family members and Bulbul Khan and Rukhsar Khan were declared as the joint national winner for "Come Home Papa" – Story contest.

Mr. Rajan Wadhera, President – Automotive Sector and Member – Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. reinforced that MTEA will continue to applaud the endeavours of the unsung heroes of our industry in the years to come.

Speaking on the occasion, Y.S. Malik, Secretary, MoRTH, extended praise for the Mahindra Group for coming up with such a recognition for one of the most important sectors of the Indian economy. And expressed the need for the industry to honour those who are thriving to make a change in their day to day work and said that this effort is in that direction!

The final RISE Moment!

Let’s sign off by saying that MTBD’s signature brand property, now 7 editions old, aimed at honouring the unsung heroes of the road transport, Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards will continue to strengthen the brand while delivering respect, self-esteem and recognition to multiple stakeholders of the Indian Road Transport Ecosystem. Let’s unite to RISE together!
*For the complete list of awards please see our extensive report here

Thursday, January 11, 2018

MPOWER WAR ROOM IV – empowering the future of the Indian Transport

MPOWER program was designed with a vision to provide a platform to cater to the learning needs of the young, NexGen transporters. The program curriculum is designed to include the aspects facilitating the transport business decisions relating to the choice of markets, procurement, production and dispatch planning, plant location and layout, procurement and distribution network planning, route optimization, determining the ideal fleet size, warehouse location and operations, desired inventory levels and so on. This helps the young transporters make better informed decisions to take their business to the next level of success.

Cumulatively, MPOWER has been conducted for 13 batches with 340 participants PAN India from various Transport segments. The participants of all the 13 batches vouch for their experience to be very rich. They are confident of taking their family business to the next level by applying all the learning from the MPOWER program.

MPOWER WAR ROOM is a brand extension of MPOWER that helps its participants to take the learning experience to an advanced stage. ‘MPOWER War Room’, which was launched in July 2014 with the objective of making MPOWER delegates of past batches to introspect/ reflect and present on the following subject:

“Successes and Challenges in implementing what I learnt during Mahindra MPOWER at IIM, Ahmedabad, back into my business”.

The War Room aims to explore the transformation that the MPOWER participants were able to bring about in their organizations after attending the MPOWER program, as well as the challenges they might have faced during the implementation process.

The 4th edition of MPOWER War room was conducted from 23rd – 25th Nov 2017, which was hosted at IIM, Ahmedabad.

Here’s a photo-report of the MPOWER War Room IV:

24th Nov 2017 – Expert Jury
Delegates were very excited to meet each other and participants from different MPOWER batches. 15 finalists were present for the final show down.


The MTBD Team and IIM Professors interacted with 15 War Room Delegates. It was delighting to see the enthusiasm of Mr. Chetan Lodaya, a specially-abled participant as one of the contestants of War Room IV.

The session began with a brief introduction of MPOWER War Room IV and context-setting by self. Shashank Patwa took the delegates and the Jury through the objectives of MPOWER WAR Room IV and what they must look forward to in the next two days at IIM Ahmedabad.

The Expert Jury consisted of: 
Girish Mirchandani
Chief Editor
Bhushan M
CV Magazine
Allwyn Crasto
Sub Regional Head, South Asia
Transportation and Distribution Safety
BASF India Limited
Tej Nirmal Singh Plaha
Director & Head - LAS, Ericsson India
GFBE Shared Services Organization
Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Devdip Purkayastha
President - India Operations
CHEP India
Prof Debjit
Factuality Member, Production and Quantitative Methods
IIM Ahmedabad
Prof Amit Karna
Factuality Member, Business Policy
IIM Ahmedabad
Prof. Sobhesh Agrawalla
Factuality Member, Finance and Accounting
IIM Ahmedabad

Presentations began at 9:30 am. 15 young transport entrepreneurs battled it out to showcase their OUTPERFORMANCE stories based on their learnings from the MPOWER program they had attended at IIM Ahmedabad. The presentations were made on topics ranging from Innovation in Business, Business Intelligence, IT Infrastructure, Business Re-structuring, Safety Measures Across Organizations to Business Diversification. Their success stories were filled with inspiration and vision and their tremendous learnings from the ‘MPOWER’ sessions was evident. The incremental innovation and tweaks inspired everyone in the room, who responded to such bits with applause. Every presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session with the Jury members. 

Networking Dinner
This was the much-awaited part of the program as the participants and Jury were eager for the final names to be presented to Grand jury.

During the Networking dinner, we shared our views on the MPOWER initiatives and Mahindra’s Vision for these initiatives. Prof. Debjit also shared his views on the 15 case studies with the audience. Participants shared their testimony of the War Room and MPOWER initiatives by Mahindra and they were pleased about the different learning they got from other participants as well.

 An informal discussion was initiated with the Transport Ecosystem delegates. Many insights from the top-notch industry stakeholders were brought forward.

Finalists for the Grand Jury

The finalists were as follows, as there were two ties for the 6th place hence this batch witnessed 7 Finalists. They were as follows:-

1)      Mr. Rishab Gandhi of Raman Roadways from Gujarat
2)      Mr. Hardik Gahlot of Reshamsingh & Co. from Kutch
3)      Mr. Gurvinder Singh Grewal of Diamond Roadlines from Mumbai
4)      Mr. Rohit Patravali of Esteem Trucking Company from Hubli-Dharwad
5)      Mr. Jehaan Adil Kotwal of JFK Transport from Mumbai
6)      Mr. Sanjay Gogri of Bharti Infraconstructions Pvt. Ltd. from Mumbai
7)      Mr. Jitesh Chunnilal Chheda of Chheda Cargo Carriers from Mumbai

Prof. Debjit shared some tips with them on how to improve their presentations for the Big Day.

Grand Jury - 25th Nov, 2017

After a day full of excitement, the following day started early with the seven finalists preparing for the presentations. The Grand Jury assembled and the event began at 9:30 am. The program commenced with a keynote address by self, welcoming the participants and encouraging the entire contingent for their trailblazing efforts in implementing what they learnt during MPOWER back into their business.

Grand Jury Members:
Brinda Jagirdar
Former Chief Economist, SBI
Director, Capital First and Rane Engine Valves
S K Krishnan
VP – Demand Chain Management
Mahindra & Mahindra
Pradeep Saxena
 Country Head
 Sewells MSXI India
Prof. Debjit Roy
Production and Quantitative  Methods
IIM Ahmedabad
Prof. Arvind Sahay
IIM Ahmedabad
Prof. Chitra Singla
Business Policies
IIM Ahmedabad

Participants reworked on the presentations based on Prof Debjit’s suggestions from last evening (24th Nov 2017).

Every presentation was followed by questions from the jury testing the mettle of the seven finalists. The quick breaks in between the sessions allowed the participants and Grand Jury members to exchange a few words.

Mr. S K Krishnan, V.P. Demand Chain Management, Mahindra Automotive Division, appreciated how Mahindra Truck and Bus continue to work closely with the MPOWER participants. MPOWER and War Room are just milestones in the way and MTBD is committed to help them in the journey of excellence. He also thanked the Professor, the Jury and the participants for taking the time and making War Room IV as successful.

Prof. Debjit and Prof. Chitra Singla also shared their valuable thoughts on the War Room Presentations.

The winners of the MPOWER War Room IV are:

Mr. Rishab Gandhi of Raman Roadways from Gujarat who presented on “Umeed” Software & Performance Management System”.

First Runner-up – Mr. Hardik Gahlot of Reshamsingh & Co. from Kutch who presented on “Development of Customized Barge for Multi-Modal Transportation of HP Surge Vessels”.

Second Runner-up – Mr. Gurvinder Singh Grewal of Diamond Roadlines from Mumbai who presented on “Business Optimisation”.

Second Runner-up – Mr. Rohit Patravali of Esteem Trucking Company from Hubli-Dharwad who presented on “Streamlining Operations”.

MPOWER War Room case studies eventually will be featured in the third edition of IIM text book on Transport & Logistics – Trucking Business Management – Cases and Concepts and thereby be institutionalised and become permanent fixtures of knowledge for our industry. We would persist with this kind of engagement with constituents of our road transport ecosystem as a part of the Mahindra brand philosophy of RISE, to drive positive change in our ecosystem and also help develop business prospects for MTB in the process.