Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Truck drivers’ face parking Issues – parking problems no longer ok

A major concern that is troubling truck drivers across the industry is parking issues which they face in all parts of the country. Whether it’s loading & unloading at respective bases or rest breaks along the highway, parking issues top the list of all fears. 

The problem is the lack of safe accessible commercial vehicle parking on national highways for truck drivers. On road sides, unexpected pavements cause traffic problems along with obstructing the parking space for commercial vehicles. In cities & towns local people are using the space alongside the road for installing small shops and using the space as their additional territory.

Traffic is rising quite rapidly in India, and all the obstacles along the roadside make it difficult for truck drivers to park. Moreover, new traffic rules & regulations hamper the efficiency of the truck drivers.

The Government is taking necessary actions to solve all parking related issues. The administration plans to appoint a team of traffic experts to analyze the issues & provide with effective solutions for betterment of the industry.

Strong road network is vital for development of our country’s logistic industry. Poorly constructed & badly maintained roads will create all sorts of problems for truckers as well as regular commuters. Most of the country’s Roads need proper development and plenty maintenance to uphold present traffic capacity.

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