Friday, June 4, 2021

Mahindra CRUZIO BS6 Staff and School Buses: Class-leading Profitability and Comfort

 The winning combination of best-in-class profitability with unmatched comfort is guaranteed when you chose Mahindra CRUZIO staff and school buses for your business. Built on the latest platform, designed for ergonomic comfort and convenience and loaded with leading-edge technology features, Mahindra CRUZIO BS6 and Mahindra CRUZIO GRANDE BS6 range of buses delivers more per every rupee spent.    

The dual promise of CRUZIO being the most profitable and luxurious bus in its category has been made possible by Mahindra’s continuous innovative efforts in product and technology enhancements which have gone into developing the new-age Mahindra CRUZIO.

Here is what goes into making CRUZIO staff and school bus your ideal business partner for long-term profitability and low total cost of ownership.

Profit Maximising Technology and Service Guarantees

mDi 2.5 Litre BS6 Engine

The powerful and highly efficient 2.5 litre mDi engine in the CRUZIO is not just fully BS6 compliant, it is also backed by Mahindra’s long proven CRDe expertise to ensure that the CRUZIO delivers a power-packed performance along with class-leading fuel economy. 

iMAXX Telematics Technology

CRUZIO buses have the advantage of being equipped with Mahindra’s smart iMAXX telematics technology. It allows CRUZIO bus fleet owners and operators to track the bus location and stay updated with vital information about the bus, while ensuring enhanced safety for the passengers.

Benefits of iMAXX Telematics technology for;

Bus fleet owners: Tech-enabled features such as Live Tracking of the bus, Driver Behaviour Monitoring, Theft Alerts and a range of Automated Operation Reports, empower you to keep track of your bus fleet and manage your business with greater efficiency.

Bus operators: Benefit from the convenience of staying updated on vital parameters of the bus, with features like Accurate Refills, Predictive Vehicle Health Monitoring, Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Consumption Analysis and AdBlue Monitoring. This allows timely intervention for more efficient vehicle performance.

End Users: Can enjoy peace of mind thanks to the vehicle tracking feature that ensures the bus location is always known, ensuring passenger safety on every trip. 

All put together, iMAXX telematics technology is designed to greatly enhance the safety, productivity and profitability of Mahindra CRUZIO staff and school buses.

Service and Spares Guarantees

When it comes to the all-important point of smooth running and maintenance of these buses, CRUZIO BS6 staff and school buses definitely score high. CRUZIO buses come with the unmatched advantage of industry-first and best-in-class service and spare part guarantees.

  •  Guarantee 1: Get back on the road in 48 hours or get Rs.1000 per day.
  •  Guarantee 2: Service will reach you in 2 hours or you get Rs.500 per hour.
  •  Guarantee 3: Assured availability of 100 moving maintenance parts at dealership or MPARTS PLAZA, or else they are yours for free.

Profit Maximising Comfort Features
Greater Seating Capacity with Wider Seats
When it comes to experiencing the CRUZIO from the inside, enhanced seating capacity means more passengers can be accommodated per trip without compromising on comfort. Whether it is office goers in the CRUZIO staff bus or children in the CRUZIO school bus, they are sure to enjoy every ride in the Mahindra CRUZIO. The roomy and pleasant interiors fitted with wider seats designed for utmost comfort and a spacious gangway for ease of movement will make them look forward to every CRUZIO bus ride.








Staff Maxi Cab

Staff Maxi Coach

Staff Bus

Staff Bus

Seating Capacity

14+D HHR

12+D HHR

18+D HHR

12+D PB

22+D HHR

26+D HHR








School Bus

School Bus

School Bus

School Bus

Seating Capacity

21+D - (3X2)

18+D - (2X2)

25+D - (3X2)

22+D - (3X2)

31+D - (3X2)

26+D - (2X2)

35+D - (3X2)

30+D - (2X2)

Enhanced Cabin

The enhanced and spacious CRUZIO cabin with better ventilation, 4-way adjustable driver seat with inbuilt headrest, tilt and telescopic steering and advanced Driver Information System (DIS), maximises driver comfort and convenience in the Mahindra CRUZIO, resulting in greater productivity.

Bigger Clutch with Clutch Booster

A bigger clutch with integrated clutch booster makes for easier and fatigue-less driving, thereby allowing the Mahindra CRUZIO driver to stay refreshed and alert at the wheel for a longer time and make more trips per bus with ease.

Parabolic Suspension

No matter what the road conditions, CRUZIO passengers enjoy a smooth and well cushioned ride to arrive fresh and energised at their destination. Superior ride comfort is ensured on each trip in the Mahindra CRUZIO thanks to the softer parabolic suspension with rubber tips for best-in-class comfort.

Setting Safety Standards

Ensuring the utmost safety of passengers in the CRUZIO is of paramount importance. That is why the design and build of the Mahindra CRUZIO is such that it is the only bus in its class to be fully rollover-compliant. The uncompromising safety features in the CRUZIO staff and school buses include –

  •   Anti-roll bar for better stability at high speeds.
  •   Full-length footstep with aluminium top for safe entry and exit.
  •   Anti-skid vinyl flooring with silicon carbide particles for safe passenger movement inside the     bus.
  •   Fire Detection and Alarm System (FDAS) in CRUZIO Staff Bus.
  •   Fire Detection and Suppression System (FDSS) in CRUZIO School Bus.
  •   Child Check-Mate Feature, Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and Mahindra iMAXX for tracking    of CRUZIO School Bus.
  •   First Aid Box for prompt medical aid in CRUZIO School Bus.
  •   Emergency Button on each Seat Section in CRUZIO School Bus.
  •   Emergency Exit for quick evacuation in case of exigency in CRUZIO School Bus. 

In conclusion, Mahindra CRUZIO BS6 staff and school buses come with a host of thoughtfully designed features that benefit both the driver and passengers, translating into a superior ownership experience and higher profits for you.

Be it in-city, inter-city or coach travel, Mahindra CRUZIO buses are perfectly suited for the task. No surprise that it makes sound business sense for bus fleet owners to upgrade to the all-new Mahindra CRUZIO BS6 range – THE MOST PROFITABLE BUS IN IT’S CLASS. To know-how and take your next step towards building a more profitable bus fleet business, visit or simply give us a missed call on 1800 315 7799. 


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