Thursday, June 23, 2011

Highway Tourism

When we explore thorough India, we come across our country’s assorted tourism prospective.  Our country is vast with variety of traditions, cultures and languages. People in our country live a diverse life from small towns to major metropolitans.
The diversity is not just limited to people & culture but the country also holds variation in the geography. From Himalayan Ranges to Rann of Kutch and the Backwaters of Kerala, our country holds them all.
There has been a vivid change in the growth of tourism in India over the last two decades. The major gain is due to the social & economic growth of the country which has made travelling easier and more economic.
Keeping in view the tactical significance of tourism in the economy, Tourism Department has taken several initiatives to upsurge tourism in the country.  These steps aim at improving the basic infrastructure and boosting tourism. Celebration of traditional fairs and festivals is the vital part to encourage tourism across the country.
A new project of Highway tourism is anticipated by the Government to promote tourism in states which has no sites of attraction such as lakes & palaces. The venture consists of improving the condition of national highways. Apart from building world class roads, the development is focused on the highway safety by providing better traffic management and help services to assist breakdowns on national highways.
Moreover, this project is encouraging country’s road construction companies to participate in the venture by offering incentives. The Highway Tourism will definitely improve local occupation and upsurge rural economy as it will find opportunity to grow in such highway tourist facilities. Many highways have started with this project and promise to give optimistic results in the long run. More such initiatives are likely to be taken in the near future on all highways across the country.

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