Wednesday, April 19, 2017

MPOWER WAR ROOM III – A Conclave of Transport Supremos

MPOWER program was designed with a vision to provide a platform to cater to the learning needs of the young transporters. The program curriculum is designed to include the aspects facilitating the transport business decisions relating to the choice of markets, procurement, production and dispatch planning, plant location and layout, procurement and distribution network planning, route optimization, determining the ideal fleet size, warehouse location and operations, desired inventory levels and so on. This helps the young transporters make better informed decisions to take their business to the next level of success.

Today, MPOWER has successfully completed 11 batches with 291 participants PAN India from various transport segments. The participants of all the 11 batches vouch for their experiences to be very rich. They are confident of taking their family business to the next level by applying all the learning from the MPOWER program.

MPOWER WAR ROOM is a brand extension of MPOWER that helps its participants to take the learning experience to an advanced stage. ‘MPOWER War Room’, was launched in July 2014 with the objective of making MPOWER delegates of past batches to introspect/ reflect and present on the following subject:

“Successes and Challenges in implementing what I learnt during Mahindra MPOWER at IIM, Ahmedabad, back into my business”.

The War Room aims to explore the transformation that the MPOWER participants were able to bring about in their organizations after attending the MPOWER program, as well as the challenges they may have faced during the implementation process. On 27th – 28th Nov, 2016, MTB launched ‘MPOWER War Room III’ which was hosted at IIM, Ahmedabad.

·         Mid-August: Delegates from Batch I – Batch VIII were invited to participate through a 1500-word case study on the above subject.

·         24th Oct: Screening jury comprising of IIM-A faculty and MTB Team/ Agency examined the case studies and provided inputs to delegates to further embellish them.

·         10th to 22th Nov: Delegates were mentored into creating a presentation out of their case studies for presentation to the expert and grand Jury.

·         27th Nov: Expert jury comprising of transport experts and IIM-A faculty met at IIM-A and evaluated 16 case studies presented by delegates and 6 finalists were firmed up.

·         29th Nov: Grand Jury, with IIM Professors and other eminent Jury as the member along with Mr. Nalin Mehta (non-voting member to highlight MTBD neutrality), adjudge the 6 finalists and declare the winner of MPOWER WAR ROOM III. 

Below are some photos from the final phase of the 3-months long engagement with youth transporters:

27th Nov, 2016

Delegates were very excited to meet each other and participants from different MPOWER batches. 16 Finalists were present for the final showdown.

The MTBD Team and IIM Professors interacted with 16 War Room delegates, mentors and it was a delightful sight to see the enthusiasm of Mr. Chetan Lodhya, a specially-abled participant of MPower XI batch who stayed back to witness the MPower War Room III.

 The session began with a small introduction about MPOWER War Room III and context setting by Rajeev Malik, Senior General Manager, MTB Marketing, who took the delegates and Jury through the objectives of MPOWER WAR ROOM III and what the delegates & jury must look forward for the next 2 days at IIM.

 27th Nov, 2016 – Expert Jury

27th was the day of presentations. The Expert Jury were:-

·         Prof. Debjit Roy – Professor of Supply Chain and Logistics
·         Prof. Manjari Singh – Human Resource Management
·         Prof. Shobesh Agarwala – Finance
·         Dharmesh Dutta – MD - Progeon Global Forwarding
·         V G Ramakrishnan – MD - Avanteum Advisors LLP
·         Tuhin Sinha – Media Advisor to MoRTH
·         Rajesh Rajgor – Digital Content Strategy & Sr. Correspondent - Motor India
·         Shyam Ozarkar – Sr. GM - Manufacturing - MVML
·         Ruchita Purohit – General Manager - FCB ULKA Interface                

Presentations began at 10:00 am. Total presentations made were 16. Young entrepreneurs shared their success stories, which were filled with inspiration and vision. The application of what they learnt in the ‘MPOWER’ sessions was apparent. The incremental innovation and tweaks inspired everyone in the room, who responded to such bits with a constant clapping. Every presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session with the jury members.

After the presentations were over, during the networking dinner, participants shared their testimony of the WAR ROOM and MPOWER initiatives by Mahindra. Participants were happy about the different learnings that they are getting from other participants. The 6 finalists were as follows:

 1, Mr. Manavdeep Singh   - Janta Roadways Private Limited     - Chennai
   2. Mr. P R Arun                  - Sankari Roadways                       - Salem
   3. Mr. Mahesh Panjwani    - Harsh Transport Private limited      - Bhopal
   4. Mr. Arvind Sarda           - Tanushree Logistics Private Limited  - Jaipur
  5. Mr. Hasit Nijhawan         - Anand Trans Logistics Private Ltd.   - Chennai
    6. Mr. Vipin Gupta                - RCPL Logistics Private Limited        - Indore

 An informal discussion was initiated with delegates and their mentors on the Transport Ecosystem. A lot of insights from the top-notch industry stakeholders came forward.

 Prof. Debjit shared some tips with these finalists to better their presentations for the Big Day.

Grand Jury -  28th Nov, 2016
After a day full of excitement, the next day began early with the 6 finalists preparing for the presentations. The Grand Jury joined and the event began at 10:00 am. The program began with a keynote address by Mr. Rajeev Malik, welcoming the participants and encouraging the entire contingent for their trailblazing efforts in implementing what they learnt during MPOWER back into their businesses.

Grand Jury Members:
  •  Mr. Nalin Mehta - Managing Director - MTBD
  • Ms. Brinda Jagirdar - Former Chief Economist, SBI
  • Mr. S K Krishnan - Sr. VP - Demand Chain Management - Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  •  Mr. Rajeev Rajadhyaksha - Managing Director - Aumkar Supply Chain Solutions
  • Mr. Joe Thaliath  - CEO - FCB Interface Communication
  • Prof. G. Raghuram - Dean Faculty, Transportation Expert and the prime architect of the MPOWER program
  • Prof. Debjit Roy - Professor of Supply Chain and Logistics, who brings in the academic perspective on the logistics and transport business
  • Prof. Rekha Jain - Professor of IT & MIS

Every presentation was followed by questions from the jury, testing the mettle of the 6 finalists. The quick breaks in between the sessions allowed the participants and Grand Jury members to exchange a few words.

Nalin Mehta – Managing Director – Mahindra Truck and Bus Division, shared his views with the participants and the jury. He also highlighted the fact that Mahindra Truck and Bus would like to continue to work closely with the MPOWER participants. MPOWER, WAR ROOM are just milestones in the way and MTBD is committed to help them in the journey of excellence. He also thanked Professors, Jury and the participants for taking time out and making War Room III a success.

Finally, Mr. Nalin Mehta announced the winners of WAR ROOM III.

The winners of the MPOWER War Room II were:

Arvind Sarda - Tanushree Logistics Private Limited – Jaipur – Winner

Manavdeep Singh - Janta Roadways Private Limited - Chennai - First Runner Up

Mahesh Panjwani - Harsh Transport Private limited - Bhopal

The Finalists were awarded during the felicitation ceremony. 

MPOWER WAR ROOM case studies eventually will be featured in the second edition of IIM Text book on Transport & Logistics – Trucking Business Management – Cases and Concepts and thereby become institutionalized and permanent fixtures of knowledge for our industry. We would persist with this kind of engagement with constituents of our road transport ecosystem as a part of the Mahindra brand philosophy of RISE, to drive positive change in our ecosystem.

Friday, February 17, 2017

First time in the history of Indian Trucking Industry – MTBD launches Delhi-Mumbai Service Corridor and MPARTS Plaza Pan India

Mahindra has always believed in making a difference in its customers lives by being customer centric and providing matchless service. Their Truck and Bus Division can be taken as a chief example reinforcing this belief, and, the new initiatives launched on 15th February, 2017 act as a testimony to their noble philosophy.

Mahindra Truck and Bus Division (MTBD) has introduced one-of-its-kind service support for the Indian trucking industry. Every 60 kilometers, there is a service station installed along the route connecting Delhi and Mumbai. Post the success of its Delhi-Mumbai Service Corridor, the company is driven to deepen its commitment and dedication towards its customers and so, it launched this unique service initiative to make available reliable and quality service support on the Delhi-Mumbai Service Corridor.

Mahindra offers 2 exclusive guarantees for its customers as follows: -
  1.      Mahindra service support will reach the breakdown spot on the Delhi-Mumbai Service Corridor within 2 hours, failing which, the company will give INR 500 to the trucker per hour.
  2. .       Mahindra will make sure that there is guaranteed availability of 150 fast moving maintenance parts at the plaza. If not, then it will be given to the customer for free.

These steps will ultimately result in reduced downtime for customers, with higher uptime, more trips and increased earnings. The company has also declared that, in addition to the MPARTS Plazas that are already there at 7 strategic locations across India, 26 more such Plazas will be built by the end of FY18. This move will ensure that fair priced and genuine parts are available to truckers pan India.

In the words of Mr. Rajan Wadhera President and Chief Executive, Truck and Powertrain Division, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., “On the heels of the highly successful superior mileage guarantee and 48 hours uptimeguarantee, we have now decided to launch disruptive and unprecedented after-sales guarantees to further reinforce our Customer Value Proposition. With these initiatives, we take one more significant step closer to our ultimate goal - to be the MOST TRUSTED CV brand of India”.  

Mahindra’s service centers will perform emergency repairs, part replacement and health checkup for the vehicle along with service guarantees so that customers can be certain of the service availability along the Delhi-Mumbai Service Corridor route. They will also launch a campaign towards building awareness and educating its customers about all the facilities at the service points.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


OUTPERFORMANCE was at the heart of an awards night brimming with excitement and anticipation. The 6th Edition of Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards (MTEA) ceremony was held in its full glory at The Ashok, New Delhi on 3rd of February, 2017. Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) have extended their continued support to MTEA program for the fourth consecutive year. MTEA 2016 didn’t just see higher numbers in terms of entries, but it also exhibited better quality, varied and interesting stories with a stronger pitch. This turn of events rendered the feeling that transport excellence awards have truly come of age.

The transport award ceremony has come a long way since its inception in the year 2011, and, which has only grown and risen from what it was. This year, the event saw an upsurge in its popularity and equity among the transport community with a significantly higher number of case studies collected – 6164 case Studies – which stands for 14% higher than last year’s collections!
Chief Guest at the prestigious do was none other than Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon. Road Transport & Highways Minister who graced the awards night with offering tremendous insights on ‘roadsafety’ and ‘innovations’ which were the themes of the night.

Mr. Nalin Mehta, CEO and MD, Mahindra Truck and Bus, presented the report card of the program, encouraging Mahindra’s commitment to strengthen while continuing to make the RISE initiative more relevant. Mr. Rajamani, Executive Director, Ernst & Young provided the certification for fairness, robustness and transparency.
There were two new innovational categories this year. The awards took engagement of the girl child education a step ahead with its Mahindra SaarthiAbhiyaan (MSA) Outperformer contest for beneficiaries of the MSA scholarship. A short story contest namely #HaveASafeJourney on the issue of road safety was devised and executed to emphasize the importance of safe driving.

Innovations in road safety in Approach, Processes, Measures and Perspective was the topic of an insightful panel discussion chaired by Prof G.Raghuram - Public Systems Group, IIM, Ahmedabad. Spectating the event were truck fleet owners from all corners of India, transporters and heads of logistics companies and professionals from allied fields, dealers of commercial vehicles, financiers for commercial vehicles, various senior delegates from the transport division, faculty members from IIM A, and delegates from Mahindra Group and heads of several agencies and select media groups.

Like the previous year, under the Fleet Owner category, awards for tipper section were presented. Fleet management and driver management categories for large, medium and small transporters. Youth and lady transporters were duly recognized and awarded. Emerging fleet owners were also recognized to empower newbies in the focused industry. Safety awards took centerstage which included hazardous goods, nonhazardous goods and ODC categories which bore the idea of extraordinary innovation in development of the transport systems.
Mrs. Meera Rajagopalan was declared as the National Winner while Ms. Sahar Fatima was the Runner up for “Have a Safe Journey” contest. The contest resulted into a book which is the world’s first collection of short stories on road safety. The book was successfully launched with a drone aerially delivering the cover of the book to the dignitaries present on stage at the MTEA 2016. The book features 20 best stories from the contest and carries a foreword from Mr. Nitin Gadkari and a special message from Mr. Anand Mahindra. Mahindra BLAZO 25 truck was given away to Mr. Jay Prakash Singh, Bharti Bulk Carriers being the “Super Outperformer Driver of the year”.

MTEA 2016 with its core philosophy of RISE and OUTPERFORM is another step taken to drive positive change in the transport ecosystem.

For a detailed review, please visit:  

Thursday, December 8, 2016

On Saturday, the 19th of November, 2016, the Eleventh batch of MPOWER -the Management Development Program for the next-gen Youth Transport Entrepreneurs - was launched at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA).

MPOWERXI concluded on 26th November, 2016. This batch had 13 participants. While we received 32 confirmed nominations, the final attendance dropped to 13 delegates due to the impact of Demonetisation on the transport business, with 19 candidates withdrawing to deal with the consequences of Demonetisation on their business. But even with 13 delegates, the enthusiasm and participation level was immense and the profile of delegates was fabulous and unique. This was the first batch where we had a differently abled participant, Mr. Chetan Lodaya from Chetan Road Carrier.

The guiding philosophy of the program is empowering the next generation of India’s transporters/fleet owners to “Take forward their family business with their OWN vision”, as propounded by Mr. Anand Mahindra while launching the program on the side lines of the Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards ceremony on 9th Jan ’13. Speaking on the same occasion to the media, Mr. Nalin Mehta –CEO - MTBD had also stressed that MTBD wants to “walk the talk” that we initiated when we urged the next generation of transporters to join their ‘Papa ka Business’ in our TV-led mass media campaign more than a year ago. MPOWER program is growing from strength to strength as our signature initiative in the Indian Transport industry. In terms of numbers, with this batch we have involved 291 next-gen transporters who together own over 59,300 trucks (and utilise at least 50% of this number in addition from the market), with a combined turnover of Rs. 24,900 Crores employing over 66,500 people.

For MPOWER XI, 13 young transport entrepreneurs, chosen by invitation and belonging to some of the finest transport companies of India, checked-in for the 8 days’ course which is aimed at professionalising the Indian transport sector in the long run. A course that has been specifically designed keeping the transport sector issues in focus. Eight highly accomplished faculty members of IIMA are running the course that covers subjects like PROFESSIONALISM, BUSINESS PLANNING, MARKET & SEGMENTS, HR PRACTICES, SERVICE QUALITY, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT & ACCOUNTING, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, LEGAL AND REGULATORY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRY FOCUSSED SESSIONS.

Snapshot of the MPOWER XI: 13 Participants; Average age- 28 years; From 12 Cities, 13 Load Segments/Applications (Dry Bulk, Parcel, FTL, LTL, Liquid Bulk, EXIM Containers, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Electronics, ODC & Project Cargo, Multi-modal, Finished Vehicles Transportation, Tire Transportation, Sugarcane Transportation, Cold Chain Logistic, Warehousing); Cumulative turnover of Rs. 1,440 Crores; owning over 1,950 trucks.

Please find below the photo report of the inaugural and Valedictory session at IIMA.

Delegates being welcomed and registered at the Indian Institute of Management:

Youth Transport Delegates being welcomed while checking into the IMDC Campus at IIMA

Highlights of Inaugural Session – Welcome Address and Introductions by Mr. Rajeev Malik – Sr. GM - Marketing


The past 10 batches of MPOWER were a huge success not only in terms of an emotional connect with the next-gen transporters but also in terms of bringing our business and offerings in their focus and also helping start a business relation with many of the people who attended. This successful engagement has motivated MTBD to reinvest in driving a positive change in the transport ecosystem while nurturing our business interest. We are confident that this program too will be a grand success and strengthen our brand even further, along with other initiatives like the Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards. All these initiatives will help MTBD connect with various constituents of the Indian transport ecosystem at both rational and emotional levels, which can be leveraged to build a strong market presence for Mahindra Trucks and Buses Division.

Final Day – 26th November, 2016

The proceedings began with two groups of 6 & 7 participants respectively, each presenting their Integrated Case Study. Each Group had only 15 minutes to present their case.

After their presentation of challenges on the transport industry, the professor had requested their views on demonetization. There were mixed views, they all supported demonetization as most of them were already moving towards cashless transactions. The only problem they raised was the payment for drivers, dhabas, mechanics and other stakeholders which are at the bottom of the transport eco-system. As cashless facilities have still not been practiced amongst them. This was also an opportunity for few transporters who still have not yet explored the cashless transaction process in their firm and interacting with other batch mates have surely given them ideas on how to get this initiated for their business.
The Group also presented a case study on RIVIGO
Highlights: Rivigo was about to become the second largest fleet owner in the trucking business in India, in just over two years, with their innovative solutions they could cut down the long haul delivery times by about 50%. Rivigo achieved this by using a relay system in which the drivers changed every 5-6 hours at a ‘pit stop’, thus keeping the vehicle on the move even as drivers signed off to take rest. With this innovation in transportation, Rivigo addressed poor service levels, poor transit time, unreliability, uncertainty of return loads, shortage of drivers and lack of information to the customers on their consignment. This increased their customer base with 20-25% premium on freight.
Mr. Kapish Saraf – Business head – VYOM, was there as a special guest to analysis the case studies presented by MPOWER XI participants.

Post all the group presentations, Prof. Debjit and Prof. Raghuram shared their view on each group’s topic and presentations.

The much awaited Valedictory Started giving MPOWER certificates to all the 13 participants. 

With 291 MPOWERians already having gone through this customized program from IIMA, we can confidently say that MTBD has made a significant progress in driving a positive change in the transport ecosystem. As a collateral advantage, our brand is in strong focus with these important customers and key opinion leaders of trucking business. We would urge the field team to take maximum advantage of this important, pioneering and unique engagement tool of MTBD

Thursday, October 6, 2016

 Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan 
F16 – Phase II Program Highlights

 Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan

Mahindra Truck and Bus Division (MTBD) had instituted MAHINDRA SAARTHI ABHIYAAN (MSA), the CSR initiative of Mahindra Truck and Bus Division in F15, aimed at acknowledging the spirit and far-sightedness of a truck driver in educating his girl child up to standard 10th.

Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan was born to address the issue of higher education within the HCV Driver community. A lot has been done for the health and safety of drivers but very little attention is paid towards the education of their daughters. The initiative is one way to positively engage with one of the most critical ingredients in our ecosystem.  The true Saarthi, who is running the economy on his shoulders day in and out. And also enhancing his daughter’s life through education.

MTBD have disbursed 2408 scholarships since the launch of the MSA program in F15, and celebrated this achievement during the Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards ceremony of 2014 and 2015.

Here’s the group picture of the first ever scholarship disbursement ceremony at Chinchwad held on 24th Aug ‘14. Mr. Nalin Mehta, who had envisioned this noble CSR program to encourage Truck drivers’ daughters, is seen here with the Maharashtra scholarship awardees:

Mr. Mehta spoke on this occasion and brought alive the thought process behind the initiative: “Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan, is a salute to this Saarthi – the truck driver who in spite of all the odds he faces, has shown great mettle in educating his children and especially Daughters. We through this initiative take a bow at these heroes who have so relentlessly, with great hard work, have ensured their daughters become engineers, IT professionals, teachers etc. This is our way of thanking them, showing a sense of gratitude for this outperforming effort! Education and that too for the girl child is the chosen path for CSR in Mahindra Group and we at MTB have extended the same to our CSR initiative. So that we would encourage drivers and reach out to their families and connect emotionally with the community”.

Continuing with this initiative for the third year, we are pleased to announce the roll-out of MAHINDRA SAARTHI ABHIYAAN 3rd Edition for F17. 1000 scholarships of Rs. 10,000 each will be awarded to the daughters of HCV truck drivers who have successfully completed education up to Standard 10th and are continuing with further studies.

Below is the report of the final outcome of the Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan 2nd Edition in F16.

 Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan F16 – Phase II Program Highlights

The response towards the program was overwhelming from truck drivers’ daughters with a receipt of over 1800 applications. Based on validation of documents by our process auditors, PwC, 1,300 daughters of truck drivers were qualified and were given the Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan scholarship of Rs.10,000 each.

During the process of disbursement, MTBD had invited the local transport association representatives and key customers of the trucking industry to grace the occasion. All the winning daughters were accompanied by their respective parents.

It was an emotional moment and many girls spoke about their fathers whom they feel proud of. They also thanked Mahindra and MTB for this noble initiative and how this token of appreciation is a big motivation in their life. On these occasions, a few truck drivers also spoke about this program and applauded Mahindra for this unique and pioneering initiative for truck drivers.

The ceremonies to disburse the scholarships were held in May and June 2016 at 16 locations across India.

The program was well supported by the respective MTBD Zonal Heads and Area Business Managers along with Dealer Heads/CEOs who made this noble cause a bigger success and also integrated it with their business needs.