Monday, April 5, 2010

NHAI to set up round the clock call centre

 The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is planning to set up a round-the-clock call centre which will help road users lodge grievances and report accidents.
The authority has been facing criticism for the rising number of road fatalities and sloppy maintenance of highways. Its latest initiative will enable road users to keep it informed about the condition of roads.

This proposal was recently endorsed by Union minister for surface transport Kamal Nath. The universal number for the entire country can come handy in reducing highway deaths. People can call up the number as and when they see any accident on highways. The centre will pass the message to the nearest toll plaza. Ambulances can rush to the accident site. Provision of immediate medical attention is sure to drastically reduce fatalities.

 The authority will invite tenders for the administration of the proposed call centre soon. Leading BPO operators might also be allowed to run the call centre. To ensure that complaints are addressed, a compliance status report of every three months will be uploaded on the NHAI website.

The complaints recorded would be stored for three months to ensure that officials concerned take necessary steps. In doing so, the authority is making an effort to increase its accountability in the eyes of the general public.

Image Courtesy- Wikimedia Commons

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