Tuesday, April 26, 2011

National Highway Prohibition for overburdened trucks.

The National Highway Authority of India will shortly prohibit overloaded trucks on the highways. Burdened vehicles will be barred accessing national highways. NHAI will categorize the entrance points at National Highways, where barriers will be put up to stop the admittance of overloaded vehicles.

Road, Transport and Highways minister, C.P Joshi issued the instruction at the Road Safety Council conference. The government has issued letters to state administrations recently, asking them to probe into the booking of lawbreakers under the Damage to Public Property Act.
An experimental assignment for the electronic observation of truck drivers is to be conducted soon for verifying misconducts.

Around 60-70% of goods are transported on National Highways. Overloaded vehicles pose an obstacle to for other vehicles on the road. Moreover, overloaded trucks cause more environmental pollution as they burn the gas impartially. They also damage the highway. According to the investigation, an overburdened truck of 100 kg can damage the highway much more than a normal truck.

Consequently, a restriction on overfilling on highways will caution the lawbreakers in a big way. The minister explained the significance of the necessity to adapt the practice of allotting driving licenses. He called for the need of skillful drivers to lessen the number of road mortalities across the nation.

The law has already clogged fleet owners raising a concern for the delivery of their merchandise. They require trucks that are capable of completing trips faster and are fuel efficient which will ensure  fleet owners delivering on time without overloading the trucks.

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  1. A good initiative, but then if the trucks are overloaded,as seen since last so many years, why their permits are not cancelled, how are they able to ply with Highway Patrolling ? Its a open secret how, by bribing, so make more laws, give more power to bribe.