Monday, October 15, 2012

Young Truckers shying away from driving trucks.

The trucking profession keeps the economy of the country going.
On an average 10% of the total trucks do not take off from the stands because the driver to truck ratio is painfully low. To understand and solve this issue ZEE News and Mahindra Navistar together conducted a survey of the Indian National highways.
The results of the survey were distressful. In India, about 19 people die every hour in road accidents. Young truckers are on the verge of giving up the trucking profession owing to the hazards of trucking and the lack of pay, facilities, perks and recognition in this profession. The dip in the number of truckers has been about 5-10% and the survey predicts a higher drop in the future. Zee News and Mahindra Navistar turned to a few experts for an opinion.
Delhi Joint Commissioner of Police, Satyendra Garg, “It is difficult to get a good driver is a general feeling in transporters.”
Haryana Transport Commissioner, Amit Jha, “The entire nation faces this situation, that the drivers of transport vehicles need training and counseling. The condition of the drivers needs to be improved.”
Scientific Traffic Management and Traffic Education expert, Rohit Baluja, “The wages of the truckers should be minimum 15000 rupees to incentivize the truckers to be responsible drivers.”
The question arises, “How can the face of Indian Trucking change?” 
The truckers ought to get a World-Class trucking experience and World-class trucks. The truckers ought to be acknowledged and felicitated for their contribution to trucking and the country’s economy on the whole.
The initiative taken by Mahindra Navistar and the Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards is a rising sun to change the current scenario of Indian Trucking.


  1. I have always wondered what's it like to be a truck driver. I am enthralled by the idea of a life in an open road, not just the ordinary day to day life that I've always known.

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  3. The fleet owners are giving low wages to drivers because they know that the drivers will theft the diesel(fuel) from the tank and will sell the diesel to the half price. This can be solved by installing the FleetOR product which is a GPS tracker and Fuel monitoring solution by ORMAT to know the fuel statistics like fuel refill , fuel theft and fuel consumption . So the driver then will never theft the diesel. But their is a chance of driver may quit the job , to avoid this Fleet owners should increase driver wages to considerable hike. In this way both the driver and Fleet owners can be happy :-)