Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Mahindra FURIO – Get More Profit or Give The Truck Back*

The recently launched Mahindra FURIO range of trucks has been revolutionizing the trucking business in India. FURIO is Mahindra’s latest offering in the Intermediate Commercial Vehicle (ICV) segment. The FURIO ICV truck performs as good as it looks and that is why it has been creating waves in the market since launch.

Whichever way you look at it the Mahindra FURIO packs quite a strong punch on every parameter – be it the FURIO’s stylish design that has been perfected at Mahindra’s design centre at Pininfarina Italy, or the assurance of unmatched performance and features, backed by Mahindra’s unique package of 5 promises - an industry-first.

All of which ensures that your purchase of a Mahindra FURIO truck is a completely risk-free ownership decision to grow your business and profits to greater heights.


Powerful Performance: More Profits Guaranteed

The FURIO is fitted with Mahindra’s powerful and efficient 3.5 litre mDi Tech BS6 engine that gives you higher power and higher fuel efficiency whatever be the load. It is capable of smoothly transporting a wide range of goods from construction material to white goods, milk, fruits and vegetables, industrial components, to parcels and logistics material; all the while keeping your business booming and profits rising.


Class-leading Fuel-Efficiency: More Profits Guaranteed

The operational efficiency and performance of Mahindra FURIO’s powerful 3.5 litre mDi Tech BS6 engine is enhanced with Mahindra’s patented FuelSmart technology which places a choice of modes at your fingertips – Heavy and Light. All that you need to do is to switch the mode as per the payload and road conditions, to get optimal power and best-in-class fuel-economy. That is a sure shot way to register higher profits and more growth for your business.


State-of-the-art Cabin: Better Comfort, Safety and Convenience Guaranteed

Mahindra FURIO redefines driving comfort with its ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art cabin. The cabin in the FURIO gets 8 air vents – an industry-first, for maximum air circulation and best ventilation. Driver comfort has been further optimized with a 3-way adjustable seating for the best driving posture and unmatched ride comfort. The dashboard on the FURIO is equipped with advanced features for the driver’s convenience such as the Real- time Driver Information System (DIS) that keeps the driver updated on the truck’s vitals at all times.

The 10-bar air brake system ensures enhanced braking performance while the I-section and tubular-type chassis built with high-strength low-alloy (HSLA 550) material provides greater vehicle stability to the FURIO.

With such a best-in-class cabin design, uncompromising driver comfort, convenience and safety in the FURIO is a given - translating into more trips and you guessed it, greater profits.


5 YEARS/Unlimited km Free AMC and 5 YEARS/5 Lakh km Transferable Warranty: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

To complement the top-notch guarantees that you get with the Mahindra FURIO and to offer you a complete risk-free ownership experience, there is also a promise of reduced maintenance cost thanks to the 5 YEARS/Unlimited km Free AMC. And the 5 YEARS/5 Lakh km Transferable Warranty means that should you chose to sell, all the service warranty benefits provided with the FURIO can be availed by the next owner, making resale value of this truck a redundant topic. That is indeed guaranteed peace of mind for you.

The new-age Mahindra FURIO range of trucks is a game-changer in ICVs that is all set to deliver higher standards of performance, efficiency, comfort and convenience, guaranteeing greater earnings and profits for your business. Can you afford to risk the future of your business by not investing in the Mahindra FURIO?


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