Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ice Road Truckers

What happens when you combine trucks and sheer danger and throw snow into the mix? Well, you get Ice Road Truckers. This iconic show has been around for many seasons and has garnered many accolades. The show’s premise is driving trucks in hellishly cold and frigid areas. This is not about having a death wish but to test trucks and their safety in dangerous road conditions. The show is shot in high definition and charts two months in the lives of six extraordinary men who haul vital supplies to diamond mines and other remote locations over frozen lakes that double as roads. This is a different kind of reality show. There is real danger here and this job is touted to be the most challenging assignment ever.

Lisa Kelly is the first woman driver to appear on the show. She spent two months hauling cement in the Himalayas for practice. Lisa said that her Indian experience was a great one, but she criticised Indian Highway conditions for not being very safe and the Indian trucks for not being powerful enough to ride under these conditions. This increases the concern for safety.

New trucks in India will no longer be the same. We have brought to the market, powerful trucks which can deliver on such conditions. With our new trucks like MN 25 and MN40, we can safely say that Lisa Kelly will never have to complain about Indian trucks again. We applaud Lisa Kelly’s undaunting courage in exploring the Himalayas in these treacherous conditions. We are sure that trucking enthusiasts will love the show and will gain new insights in this exciting field.

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