Monday, September 6, 2010

OK is no longer OK

The world has seen many changes. We have evolved from primitive cultures into complex social animals. We use technology so that we can do things faster and optimize our time and work. We have put man on the moon and we are planning to conquer Mars soon. The human race pushes on breaking barriers as they go.

Why do we still cling to obsolete things? Strides have been made across all sectors but we as people still have a hankering for old practices. Why can’t we look forward and anticipate the future rather than cling to things we have? We have products which work but can’t we develop them into beautiful exhibits of art and technology. Why should we stay satisfied with what we are getting at the moment? Shouldn’t we make our voices be heard to people? We are the future. We do not live in the present but in the future. We already have an inkling how our life will progress in the future because we have seen it. Why is this future being delayed? While technology progresses, we are driving age old trucks which are a safety hazard to one and all. Instead of harnessing the immense power of trucks to optimize our jobs we end up spending more time maintaining them. Our logic is that even though these every day trucks may work fine, what if we give you something thats phenomenal and it looks good doing its jobz, something that you will never have to worry about again. Mahindra Navistar has brought to you the most efficient and elegant trucks ever manufactured in India. We have made efforts to include the latest in global automobile technology and Indian innovation to give you a solid product, one that will never falter.

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