Friday, October 1, 2010

The Trucking Series

The History Of Trucks

Trucks have always played a major role in the economic progress of any region. They are the backbone of the supply and demand ecosystem. Heavy trucks are not only used for transport, but are also used in intensive operations like mining and construction. We can only fathom how challenging it might have been for industries before the advent of trucks and railroads. While we ponder this, we will now go over the history of trucks and see what innovations and progress has changed the way we perceive these machines.

After the advent of the internal combustion engine, pioneering efforts were put into the development of an automobile that could transport people. A natural by-product of these developments was the transport of goods. But for the transport of goods by automobiles to be practical, many changes had to be done to the design and technical aspects of the combustion engine. The specifications for the engine had to be scaled up, while keeping in mind the optimization of fuel consumption. The body of the automobile had to be designed in a way that it could sustain the transport of heavy goods to the desired places. Early models were very crude and could not transport much, but in these models you can see how the foundation was laid for modern trucks and their capabilities. Over the years, the sophistication of the engine increased along with optimization of the fuel consumption and steadily the trucks were able to transport more goods. The continuous innovation and technological advancements helped paved the way to the future. During the World Wars, supply and demand for almost everything increased many fold. This was the impetus that the truck manufacturing companies needed to create trucks that could handle much more storage material and could handle any terrain that was thrown at them.

Modern trucks are at the zenith of perfection that our advanced technology can provide. The performance is stellar and awe-inducing especially in retrospect, when you think of trucks in the past. One more important factor is the level of safety that has been achieved in modern times. Early trucks weren't safe at all. After a lot of careful research into this field, modern trucks now are safer than ever. Our trucks here at Mahindra Navistar are the result of this hundred year old collaborative effort and hard work by many pioneers in the field. This truck can now be yours. A hundred years in the making so that your needs will be taken care of efficiently.

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