Friday, October 8, 2010

The Trucking Series

Challenges of Trucking

Driving a truck is both a dangerous and exhilarating job. It requires unwavering attention and warrants that the driver be a trained professional.  Driving a truck in India is a very challenging affair due to various factors like traffic, bad road conditions and anomalous weather conditions.  The average truck driver in India makes very less money compared to his counterparts in other countries like USA, Canada etc.
A truck is nothing less than a powerful vehicle built to negotiate the toughest road conditions and do this while carrying its load. The actual purpose of a truck is the transport of goods and every other use is basically just a by-product. It is imperative that the driver use his mental faculties to the fullest when negotiating a particular terrain. It is a very stressful life to be always on the road. Due to obsolete features in nearly decade old trucks, the safety of the driver is never guaranteed. This is why we hear about accidents on the highway involving trucks. Modern trucks like the MN 25 and the MN 31 give much needed relief for the driver due to the advanced tech that these trucks have. They have sophisticated design and are a breath of fresh air in the Indian trucking scene. 
It takes brave men to face such harsh conditions in order to transport their consignments. Their lives will be much easier if their trucks improve. This will ensure that they and their consignments are secure from accidents due to faulty design and obsolete features. The need for this is critical as we, as a nation progress ahead technologically. There should be no more dependence on the old. Even though they might work it is never okay to put a human life at risk. Every truck driver should have access to the better vehicles and a secure future. This is your decision.

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