Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Outperformers of the Cement and Market Load segment Meet at Thrissur

At Mahindra & Mahindra, we believe in creating robust communication platforms for our partners. One of such initiative is the Outperformers’ League (OPL), an exclusive platform that provides an opportunity to the fleet owners to meet, interact and share information with each other and the stakeholders of the trucking industry.
 A recent session of the knowledge sharing OPL seminar took place at the Hotel Dass Continental, Thrissur on 13th May. The seminar focused on the Cement and Market Load segment and was attended by over 50 customers who included renowned fleet owners.
The key session was delivered by Mr. Arun Chandran, Area Business Manager, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. – Truck & Bus Division. Mr Chandran explained the various initiatives and customer benefits associated with the OPL.
The session was followed by a detailed and interesting presentation by the Logistics and Supply Chain Expert, Mr. Sushil Cherian from Anantara Solutions. Through his presentation he educated the audience on the various trends and issues associated with the cement industry and market load segment. He emphasized on the need to switch over to the latest model of vehicles available in the market which have better torque. He also explained how drivers are happier to earn incentives by clocking more kilometers by driving vehicles which have cabin comfort.
The special emphasis across sessions on the latest trends in cement industry and increasing profitability by using self warehousing models of containers was appreciated by all.
The icing on the cake was the display of the powerful TRUXO 25. The customers had a closer look at the mean machine and were left quite impressed.
The seminar, like all OPLs provided the fleet owners a brilliant networking opportunity with customers, industry experts, officials from the Mahindra Truck & Bus team and the Dealership team. The participants walked out of the seminars, signing praises of the Thrissur OPL.

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