Friday, July 22, 2011

Diminish the stress on truckers

A size-able amount of people these days are taking up trucking as a profession. Be it their family trade or a fresh start; numerous individuals are opting to continue in the truck industry. But there are few occupational hazards like staying away from their household, responsive tension involved in traveling and lastly the tall budget required to sustain while on the roads.

The main concern which results in stress is fewer hours to rest which is experienced by most truckers. Several drivers feel lethargic and drowsy while driving due to inadequate rest. The authorities are making necessary modifications in driver guidelines to benefit the driver easiness and decrease exhaustion.   

Another major worry for truckers is rash car drivers. Many of the motorists drive in a discourteous way like needless overtaking and lane cutting. The highway authorities are profound on implementation of serious rules to halt rash & neglectful driving by motorists which will also help the truckers to drive in responsible manner. Most of the truck drivers are also battling with health problems such as issues on HIV/Aids & mental illness due to excessive working hours. The enactment of firm guidelines is required to benefit the truckers as well as other motorists on the highway.

WIth all the difficulties faced by the truck drivers which include less pay and heavy working hours, it is hard to focus on long distance trips.
Physical exercises on a regular basis, for a minimum of half an hour, help reduce the mental stress. Physical exercise is regarded as the best stress reliever and walking for little distance will help to decrease the stress. Mahindra Navistar limited has also taken initiative to revolutionize the trucking industry for development of truckers.

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