Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Truckers – Fight against HIV-AIDS

Truck drivers are very much on travel and devote long hours on the road away from their relatives.  Their need for amusement and female company makes them thinkable to use the services of sex workers in stop-over settlements near major transport routes. 

Consequently it explains high occurrence of HIV rates in truck drivers and the successive spread of the disease through the country.  In addition of this, most truckers have spouses at home who are possible to become sick with HIV by their partners.

The role of truck drivers in the conduction of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is deep-rooted in the routine that comes with their occupation.

Even though truck drivers have certain consciousness of HIV/AIDS, this understanding is not regular or complete. Moreover that information and exercise normally do not go hand in hand.
Regardless of common awareness of HIV/AIDS and its hazards, truck drivers do not report a constant decrease in risky behaviors, such as the use of sex workers and unplanned sex with several partners. 

The country including government workers, business owners and truck industry representatives should put efforts in spreading the alertness of HIV/AIDS. 
Health Camps & Awareness Campaigns can help spread the knowledge among the drivers to keep them away from HIV/AIDS virus.

If proper education & awareness is given to truck drivers, it will confidently reduce the rate of HIV-AIDS in truckers in our country.

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