Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Muggings of Trucks on Highway – No Longer Ok

The occurrence of burglaries on National Highways has increased in the past few months, with trucks pursuing on the highway at night-time being embattled the most. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has requested highway patrol on all the major expressways to diminish such incidents in future.
In some of the recent occurrences that happened in Gurgaon sector – the burglars robbed a truck full with copper wires. The officials say that there are 2-3 burglars’ gangs who are active on the National Highway 8 stretch in Gurgaon. Till date 26 complaints have been filed on highway robbery on NH-8.
In most of the cases, the gang operations have been the same. Robbers come in car, overtaking the directed truck and then block its lane. Then they forcefully enter the driver's cabin & hold the driver and the helper hostage.

The thieves then take the truck to an isolated place and toss the driver and the cleaner out of the truck before escaping with the truck. in some circumstances, the burglars have even abandoned the vehicles after cleaning the cargo from the truck.

The State Police are working along with NHAI authorities to eliminate the problem and ensure safety for all the commuters on the National Highways.

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