Monday, December 5, 2011

Dangers on Highways in India

Trucking in India is one of the most dangerous professions considering the risks that truck drivers go through.

India has highways broadening across 3.314 million kilometers, making it the 3rd biggest road system around the globe. The development of expressways has made highway transport well-organized and speedy. But the main question the trucking industry faces at this moment:  Are the Highways Safe?

With millions of vehicle plying on highways each day, it is essential to know how safe these highways are. Indian Highways cause huge damages to trucks & cause accidents due to the potholes & lack of maintenance. On average, 40% of road accidents in India include truck drivers. Mahindra Navistar & Zee News covers the NH12 & NH69 National Highways in India, capturing the problems & difficulties of truck drivers.

We Share along the video, which outlooks the complications & worries of Indian truck drivers:

Since the Highways come under the National classification, their upkeep and safety for the free flow of road traffic rests upon the Government of India. But most astonishingly and very sadly, the flow of traffic on our National Highways often gets “treacherous and very unsafe” due to improper maintenance of the roads & poor infrastructure.

‘Sunder Committee’ is an Expert Committee set up to review the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and suggests changes for the development of Road Transport and Highways. The committee has suggested few points for increasing the safety & security for road transport on National Highways: 
  • There should be a budget specially dedicated for National Highway security. 
  • A development project for institutions working on Highway safety & security. 
Major development forums and conferences are set up to improve the face of Indian Trucking Industry. Mahindra Navistar – ‘Outperformer’s League’ is one such forum where experts & members of trucking industry meet to converse on future progress of the industry and find out ways to increase safety & security measures for truck drivers & other contributors of the industry. 

The Out Performance League targets all the members of the trucking industry which includes fleet owners, investors, suppliers and also truck drivers. The modest perception of the league is to discuss the problems prevailing in the trucking industry in our country and debate on solutions and resolutions to raise the bar of the industry. Furthermore, hitches in the system are identified & discussed to avoid future problems.

This initiative is taken by Mahindra Navistar under Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards to recognize and reward Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Change Leadership in the Indian Trucking Industry.

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