Friday, December 16, 2011

Mahindra Navistar Transport Excellence Awards – Jury Meet

Mahindra Navistar will host a new era of brilliance with the launch of Mahindra Navistar Transport Excellence Awards. An awards that recognizes and reward Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Leadership in the Indian Trucking Industry.  These awards will aim to be the Oscars of the Indian Transport Industry, as it is the first ever initiative taken on such a grand scale.

Recently, the Jury of Mahindra Navistar Transport Excellence Awards met to discuss & distinguish the entries received for all categories of the awards such as –
1.       Fleet Owner
2.       Fleet Driver
3.       CV Financiers
4.       Highway Dhabas
5.       NGO/Government Body
It was a tough task for the Jury to select the outperformers from a total of 890 entries throughout India.

Our Grand Jury Members consisted of Prominent figures like:
1.   Chairman of the MNTEA 2011 Grand Jury- Mr. S Sunderasan: Secretary Heavy Industries
2.   Mr. Ambuj Sharma, Jt. Secretary, Heavy Industries
3.   Mr. Shrikant Marathe, Chief, ARAI Pune
4.   Mr. Vishnu Mathur, DG SIAM
5.   Prof. Dinesh Mohan, Professor, IIT Delhi
6.   Mr. Samir Ahluwalia, Editor Zee Business
7.   Mr. Nalin Mehta, Managing Director, Mahindra Navistar
8.   Mr. Nikunj Sanghi, President FADA         

Also, our Expert Jury panel consists of eminent personalities like:
1.       Bharath Dhabolkar (Advertising , Media Personality, Actor, Writer)
2.       Tej Nirmal Singh (Director and Head Supply Ericsson India Pvt Ltd)
3.       Sushil Rathi (Vice President, Mahindra Logistics Ltd)
4.       R.Raghavan (Partner – Anantara Solutions)
5.       Prof. Raghuram (Public Systems Group IIM- A)
6.       Capt Yogesh Kundra (Vice President, Supply Chain, India Cements)
7.       Rajeev Rajadhyaksha (MD, AUM Consulting)
8.       Sudhir Badami (Civil Engineer & Transportation Analyst)
9.       Prof Nasreen Rustomfram (TATA Institute of Social Sciences) and many more.

Here is a brief description of the process flow through which the members of our elite jury panel scrutinise, evaluate and validate entries received for the awards:

The first stage of the stringent validation process begins with the Screening Jury, which evaluates and filters all the participating entries received.
The participating entries that make it through after the initial screening are than evaluated by an Expert Jury. This jury may be centrally or regionally located depending upon the category. And their evaluation is  carried out via an interview, where the nominees present their case in front of them.

Top two winners from each category are then shortlisted for the next rounds after tabulating of scores. Further on, the regional winners will be nominated for the national awards where a National Jury will evaluate them for each category.
The National Jury then tabulates the scores which are audited to declare the final winners for each category.

The list of winners is then communicated to the client. Followed by which, the client then further communicates the needful to the winners.
All this finally culminates into a national awards function to felicitate the winners.

The "Transport Excellency Awards" are a first of its kind awards with the sole objective to recognize outperformance, innovations, leadership and pioneers of change, and to set the standards of excellence in the industry.

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