Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mahindra Navistar – The Future of Indian Trucking

The world is a big place, with people full of visions. Following the old way of ‘study hard, go to a good school, get a great job, and work your way up the ladder’ has little meaning these days. Success today, whether it’s in a job or owning a business, is all about creating value.

While most of the parents want their children to join the family business, a truck driver wants quite the opposite. A truck driver's life & hard work is not valued & appreciated as it should be. It is because of them that various goods are transported all over the country & reach the customers in time. But the rude behavior of transport officials & the difficulties faced by the truckers ensures them that their sons do any job other than trucking.

The problems faced by this division are diverse and the issues require a multiple solutions. The government is taking measures to restructure the road transport sector. Moreover, Truckers feel that their job is highly underpaid & they deserve more respect from the society. The truck managers overload the trucks to achieve more profits but it’s the truck drivers who face the officials & authorities. Truckers are often harassed by police officials. Various other problems such as unsafe roads, improper work conditions make the truckers feel frustrated.

We Share along the video, which outlooks the complications & worries of Indian truck drivers:

Truck drivers undoubtedly are the main pillars of Indian economy & commerce. If necessary measures are taken for the development of truck drivers, then the logistics industry will confidently flourish.

This initiative is taken by Mahindra Navistar under Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards to recognize and reward Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Change Leadership in the Indian Trucking Industry.

Mahindra Navistar has also initiated ‘Papa Ka Business’ campaign – which motivates & encourages youth to join their dad’s business. This is not only related or restricted to the logistic industry, but rather takes a wide approach to inspire youth to join their family business.

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