Monday, September 30, 2013

Outperformers Meet at Surat

Mahindra Trucks and Buses is the driving force behind the Outperformers' League, an exclusive forum, where fleet owners interact with other stakeholders in the trucking industry. It provides a great opportunity for fleet owners to access first-hand information on crucial business-related aspects and concerns. The league meets at least twice a month to discuss the latest trends and practices in the global transportation arena, members can leverage the competencies of all key stakeholders. And in the process, create a vibrant and high-performance transportation community. This year the league is focusing on various segments in the trucking industry. And with reputed personalities from trucking and allied industries sharing their knowledge and experience, the OPL is enabling the trucking community to BE MORE, DO MORE, and OUTPERFORM.

The latest edition of the OPL Large Format event was held in Surat on August 13, 2013. With the OPL focusing on different industry segments this year, this particular event emphasized on the Mixed Segment. It was attended by a total of 150 participants. 71 unique fleet owners and 6 financiers attended from all over of the city.

Mr. Darshan Desai, GM - Navjivan Automotives gave the event a great start with his welcome address. After which Mr. Amit Gautam, AGM Marketing - Adani Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. took it forward with an interesting presentation on the “Trends in Ports and Infrastructure Development and Opportunities for Surface Transport”. The participants listened attentively, asking questions and debating various issues along the way.  Later during the event they were kept engrossed with Mr. Prahi’s presentation on how to “Extend Tyre Life & Increase Profits”.

An informative and insightful corporate and OPL presentation was given by Mr. Amit Gupta, Zonal Head West. The participants learnt about the benefits and importance of a unique league like the OPL. While Mr.Nikhil Kangutkar, ABM introduced the MTB team as well as the dealer and service team to the customers. After a close Interaction by the dealer team with the fleet owners and financers Mr. Yash Gajjar, Director-Navjivan Automotives gave the closing speech. He especially thanked the key MTBL customers from Surat and ended the event with a vote of thanks to an applauding crowd.
The participants took away a new found knowledge of the trucking industry. With so many interesting discussions to be had the audience left eager and awaiting the next edition of the event. Appreciative of the OPL efforts most customers gave positive and helpful feedback, making the overall event a complete success.

The customers shared their appreciation for the Surat event:
Mr. Akash Jain, Prime Carrying Corporation: "I really enjoyed this program a lot, It was full of information & knowledge. Presentation on the Future Development at Hazira Port by Adani Group was encouraging. The speakers specially  Mr. Pradeep (Tyre) is has delivered many helpful tips on tyres. Mahindra vehicles inspired us to come out from the TATA Frame”

Mr. Manoj Choudhary, Shubham Cargo Movers: "Program was very good ,We came late & missed out the session on Developments in Hazira Port by the Head -Adani Hazira Port Pvt Ltd, Nice initiative by Mahindra ,we recommend Mahindra to come out with some buy back scheme so that our fleet can be replace by Better  Mahindra Vehicles”   

Mr. Vinayak Shukla, Area Manager-IIFL-CV Finance: "First Program of its kind by any HCV manufacturer on business opportunities for  Transport Industry"

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