Monday, September 30, 2013

Transport Sector Evolution At The Nagpur OPL Event

Mahindra Trucks and Buses is the driving force behind the Outperformers' League, an exclusive forum, where fleet owners interact with other stakeholders in the trucking industry. It provides a great opportunity for fleet owners to access first-hand information on crucial business-related aspects and concerns. The league meets twice a month to discuss the latest trends and practices in the global transportation arena, members can leverage the competencies of all key stakeholders. And in the process, create a vibrant and high-performance transportation community. This year the league is focusing on various segments in the trucking industry. And with reputed personalities from trucking and allied industries sharing their knowledge and experience the OPL is enabling the trucking community to BE MORE, DO MORE, and OUTPERFORM.
The OPL organized their next event in Nagpur on August 21st. It focused on various issues of the transport industry in the construction segment. The event saw interested participants from all over the city take part. With a total participation of 85 out of which 42 unique fleet owners and 4 financiers, the event was a huge success.

The event kick started with a bang as the enigmatic Mr. Thomas Ronald gave the welcome address to an eager crowd. Mr. Sushil Cherian followed soon after with his presentation on ‘Trends in Infrastructure Development’. The audience listened attentively to him as he shared his great knowledge and experience on the topic. Commanding just as much attention was Mr. Pradip Varaiya who spoke in detail about how to ‘Extend Tyre Life & Increase Profits’.  He discussed various points, answering pertinent questions from the audience along the way. The creation of world class infrastructures for economic development, the importance of timely transportation of construction materials and the increased opportunity in road transportation were all part of his interesting presentation.

When you partner with Mahindra, benefits are sure to follow. And to explain these benefits Mr. Shashank Patwa, MTBL gave the corporate and OPL presentation to a rapt audience. While Mr. Amol Dumane-Dy. Manager Sales (HCV) gave further insight into the latest MTBL products and offerings.

The event came to a close with Mr. Thomas Ronald taking the stage once again. He gave his closing speech to an applauding audience. With the discussion of interesting topics and lots of questions the audience dispersed satisfied. With their new found knowledge of the trucking industry the audience was truly appreciative of the OPL’s efforts. With positive customer feedback about the event this installment of the OPL was truly a successful one.

The customers shared their appreciation for the Nagpur OPL event

Mr.Shrikant Manje (Ankit Construction): "Program was full of information. The speeches especially on infrastructure was really good; Mahindra trucks are also performing well" 

Mr.Sunil N. Nathe (M/s.S.N.Nathe & Co): "A different knowledge program it was and always ready to attend such kind of events…Salute Mahindra  for the initiative…will definitely do a trial of Mahindra Tipper next season”

Mr.Dinesh Naidu (Mahindra Finance): "Great Concept…For the first time by any vehicle manufacturer such a nice event…only suggest too much deep knowledge about the tyre is not needful for customers"

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